Diasporian News of Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Source: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)

Illegal Immigrants demonstrate against Mahama in New York?

NDC Germany wishes to write in reference to the rejoinder by their counterpart, NDC New York presented on the Ghana web dated October 3, concerning supposedly concerned Ghanaians who gathered at the forecourts of the hotel where President Mahama was said to be lodged In New York.

The statement issued by the communication Directorate of NDC Germany lambasted that “ It was rather very unfortunate and irresponsible to see such a disgraceful and uncivilized scenery on the part of a dozen of well known members of opposition NPP members who belong to a Nassara club in the New York to have engaged in such demonstration”

The statement continued that “ As much as Ghana under the good governance of NDC led by President Mahama, the Nation Ghana has earned high credibility, respect and political recognition and that, we shall not condone and allow few “illegal “ immigrants to download this hard earned reputations in the name of freedom of speech and association”

The NDC Germany wishes to condemn such act and will always condemn any publication meant to destroy and tarnish the good name of Ghana and her rich cultural heritage and therefore call on all party members and sympathizers to disregard such further online articles and defend positively the course of the NDC pursuits. These are all NPP promotions, strategies and vague investments in order to throw dusts into the eyes of innocent Ghanaians. “Believe them Not” that says the Bible.

“Despite the economic crisis, high unemployment rates and war-cries in other countries, Ghanaians ought to count themselves blessed in the wake of our present situations” NDC gurus persuaded.

Find below the abstracts of some of the disgusting comments posted to the Ghanaweb being readers contributions as per reference to publication dated 2 October under Diaspora News.

Titled: Concerned Ghanaians Demonstrated Against John Mahama In New York. “Can someone tell that short man to stay away from my area (ASHANTI-REGION?) Akuffo Addo can NOT rewrite HISTORY okay? We the Ashantis would never, ever forget the terror attack against our great KING on RIVER PRAH by the Akyim” “They are proud of that attack up till now without any APOLOGY and they will pay a heavy price for that at a time like this. I am calling all my people from the GREAT ASHANTI REGION to stand up on Dec.7 to vote against that Son of terrorist to show them that, we the Ahsanties can not harm anybody physically but can show our power with our thumb”. Narcotic Peddlers Party (NPP), your desperation has now turned into MADNESS. And, what are you desperate for?

(1) To continue with “thief man Kufour's” Loot of national assets? (2) To liberalize cocaine trade? (3) To steal more Ga lands? (4) To kill all Gas and Ewes as promised by Hon. Ken Agyapong? (5) to use women bluff to tarnish the images of Ghanaians who do not belong to the cocaine party (6) to die foolishly for the cocaine sniffing “patapaa Akufo Addo” to become president. What level of desperation is this? THIS DEMONSTRATION BY 12 PEOPLE IS TRULY (“KWASEASEM ARA KWA”) meaning, having no tangible reasons.

“Oooooh disgrace NNP New Yorkers .... if you are concerned about your country then just stop washing old white peoples ass and go home to contribute... Kwaseasem ara kwa...”

Lets all help build mother Ghana for peace and tranquility.

Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)