Diasporian News of Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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NPP to stop using Gyan’s Tape as propaganda – NDC Germany

A tape recording purported to have the voices of Mr Yaw Boateng Gyan, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) National Organizer, and some unidentified persons stirred the political waters last week.
The 35-minute tape was suspected to have been recorded in a meeting with some unidentified party foot soldiers and had Mr Boateng-Gyan discussing plans to draft them into a Special Force of the Ghana Armed Forces whose members would later be given National Security identification cards to enable them to infiltrate the ranks of some parties especially the National Democratic Party (NDP).
The plan, according to the voices, was to find information about the strategies of the NDP and its likely impact on the fortunes of the NDC in the December elections.
It also made reference to issuing the operatives with National Security identification cards but was not sure about the support from National Security, since in the past such provisions had been abused by those the party recruited for a similar exercise. The recording also made references to the motivational package for the persons to be engaged which included a GH¢5,000 for the wives of the people to start a business. Mr Boateng-Gyan has confirmed that the voice of the recording is his, prompting calls from several quarters including the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for his arrest.
According to various interpretations from cross-section of Ghanaians interviewed, they (Ghanaians) considered Mr. Boateng’s tape as Bigmouth talks, exaggerated opinions of himself and mere political talks that carried no meaning.
Upon this development, the NDC Germany Communication Directorate has come out vividly to declare its stands concerning the verdict of this controversial issue.
“We would like to refer and remind the Public and all valued readers to judge between Yaw Boateng’s tape and those diabolic, inhuman and murderous utterances from Hon. Ken Agyapong .and that of Nana Akuffo Addo respectively”.
Here I quote. “Today, I declare war in this country, Gbevlo-Lartey and his people, IGP should know this. Voltarians in the Ashanti Region will not be spared. If anyone touches you, butcher him with a cutlass…”NPP King-Kong and “warlord” Agyapong commanded.
"They have made up their minds that they are going to intimidate us in 2012. 'I sometimes explain this as they claim that we Akans are cowards. They argue that if one is able to wound one or two of us, then all the rest of us remaining take to our heels! Is that so? Well, we shall see! Atiwa for example, was a little illustration of this. During the by-elections at Atiwa we did "something small" that showed a little bit of this. And so we have to understand that this party was formed by brave men. Our elders, who formed this party which is now the biggest political party in Ghana, were not people who were hiding under beds! The courage that is needed now to face the 2012 elections is 'All die be die! “- Declared NPP Big Shot, Nana Addo at mammoth Rally.
“The NDC, which is the entrusted governing party does not condone and entertain the culture of lawlessness and indiscipline. We have structures and guidelines by which the party operates and also promote internal policies and democratic values. Therefore, the hierarchy and the governing executives would not embrace unwarranted opinions and bias suggestions from the divergent oppositions and other under- covered entities falsely claiming to be alliance to NDC party”.
The statement continued that, “there have been series of similar challenges that had previously confronted the party concerning tape recording cases entangled the personalities of Dr. Josiah Aryeh and Kofi Adams by which the party’s disciplinary committee treated them with utmost professionalism and deserved diplomacy. As whether Boateng’s case deserves national security concerns or partisan, we entreat the general public especially, the NPP and her allied, to give a breathing space so as to treat the case with such desirable cautions and confidentiality”.
The communiqué further emphasized that; “the party will not allow other entities to dictate to us (NDC) as what to do and how to go about our day to day disciplinary functions. Especially, the creation of 45 constituencies is solely the decision and the mandate of the electoral commission but not the influence of the command of the former president Kuffour’s statements and persuasions”.
In a political radio discussion last Wednesday at TopAfric Radio in Hamburg, the NPP Germany communication Director, Mr. Kwaku Gyinde has reiterated that, he has advised his NPP members back home to lynch any uniformed Public officer who comes across to claim as peace - keeping officer during election period. “ This explains the hidden tactics being hatched by the NPP gangs and therefore NDC Germany wishes to take this opportunity to alert the general public as well as the national security to be cautious and careful about these unscrupulous (NPP) members whose utmost desire is to create chaos and anarchy.
God Bless our Homeland Ghana.
Report by: Mensah Dekportor (Hamburg)