Diasporian News of Sunday, 15 July 2012

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Miss Africa New Jersey 2012 Beauty Pageant

Green lands, gold, diamonds, ivory’s, oil and cocoa are few natural resources that are exported out of Africa on a regular basis. In the right frame of mind, many would think any nation exporting any of these products should be a financially sound and economically stable nation. On the contrary, failed political/economic agendas, political greed, corruption, poverty, famine and genocides are also recognizable traits that are linked to Africa. The fact is, many people living in Africa are not enjoying the riches of Africa and are therefore suffering
For many Africans, one way to enjoy success and exhibit any sense of accomplishment is to get involved with politics – which is often very dirty and sometimes even deadly for anyone to be a part of. Another way is to travel abroad and hope something good can come out of their Diaspora. As of today, there are millions of Africans that have travelled abroad. These Africans abroad are the driving force of economic growth in many African countries. The point being made here is that Africans on Diaspora have a lot of impact to what happens at home – in Africa!
MANJBP® believes that with proper infrastructure, new ideas, and new enthusiasm from educated Africans on expatriation, a lot of the hardships that are seen in Africa can be ameliorated. MANJBP® also believes that nobody really understands the problems and the hardships being faced by many Africans better than the African people. In essence helping Africans to help other Africans is the reasonable approach to solve some of the problems that are seen in Africa.
Many people may wonder why MANJBP® decided to host this landmark event for the first time in New Jersey. The response to that curiosity is very simple – to empower African women, to unify Africans and to raise awareness of so many political, health and economic problems that betide numerous African countries to young African descents abroad.
A spokesperson from MANJBP® said “we believe in the notion that when you educate a man, you educate one person, however, when you educate a woman, you educate an entire nation. Simple logic tells us that women are more caring and are more dedicated to change the wrong for the good.” There are no doubts surrounding the fact that a lot of things have gone wrong in Africa. The members of MANJBP® are willing to change some of the old ways about Africa by empowering the African youth, and making them aware of the hardships that are seen in Africa! The spokesperson continued to say “by empowering the youth, we’ll inadvertently impose a sense of self-responsibility upon them to go back to Africa and do good things for the continent.”
As a group of friends and college students with various educational backgrounds, MANJBP® decided to collaborate and organize a show which will not only provide entertainment to the guests that will be received on July 27th, moreover, they will provide monetary incentives for the individuals that will participate in the event. Many of the participants are either in college or about to enter college for the first time. The purpose of the monetary benefit for the winner of the competition is to provide a means of reducing some of the financial burdens that befalls on any college student. By providing this monetary aide, MANJBP® hopes to give many young Africans inspiration and motivation to continue their education and to bring about peace and the much needed change in Africa!
As part of being pro-empowerment, MANJBP® is also a pro-service organization that encourages young people to participate in various community service events. MANJBP® and the contestants of Miss Africa New Jersey 2012 will be involved in various community service events this summer before the main event on July 27th.
This year’s edition of Miss Africa New Jersey 2012 includes 11 contestants from 7 different countries. The countries are Congo, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Togo. The event will also feature many African acts and guest artistes including Squadee. Squadee will be performing their newly released hit song called "You’re Mine" ft. Sarkodie and Bright from Buk Bak. This will be a historic event so make sure you are in attendance to support the good deeds and the improvements MANJBP® are trying to initiate within the African communities abroad.
Visit their website at www.missafricanj.com
By Hammond Agyei