Diasporian News of Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Source: NDC-Atlanta

NDC-Atlanta Continues Its Call For Unity

Within The Party: Even In The Midst Of Unsuccessful Negotiations

Against the background that members of this Great Chapter come from almost all the 10 regions of Ghana and are of diverse ethnic extraction who have followed NDC for so many years back in Ghana and in the diaspora, and are in constant touch with friends and families back home regarding the political development in the country; they are abreast with the voters mind, and it is in light of this that we keep calling on our party’s leadership every now and then to put the necessary machinery in place and resolve all internal problems within the party for us to retain power come December 7th 2012. Members are of the view that the threat to NDC retaining power in 2012 is not Akufo-Addo but the division within the party. So when members heard of the arrival of the Director of International Relations of NDC, Hon. Kofi Attor in Virginia, they wanted to know more from him regarding what the leadership of NDC is doing to resolve the internal wrangling within the party.

In his response via telephone, Hon. Attor indicated to NDC-Atlanta members who were then at their monthly meeting that, the leadership of the party has taken a decision not to respond to the criticism by the Founder, H.E. J.J. Rawlings again. He intimated that many people have tried to mediate in resolving the impasse between the Founder and the Presidency, including Chiefs, Queen Mothers and some influential people outside Ghana. He stressed that, notwithstanding these apparent unsuccessful mediation efforts, negotiations are still on-going. Hon. Attor said, the difficulty of the issue stemmed from the fact that they cannot pinpoint to specific demands of the Founder which must be met for peace to prevail. He is however optimistic that the issue will soon be resolved, and further assured NDC-Atlanta that, our party has a solid, well defined and mapped out strategy of winning the upcoming election and that with the massive infrastructural developments dotted across the whole country, especially in the rural communities, President Mills will surely be given a second term by the good people of Ghana. He said the door-to-door campaign the ‘Asomdwehene’ used during the 2008 election and which Akufo-Addo is currently imitating will soon be embarked upon by the President and his campaign team.

Meanwhile members of NDC-Atlanta is calling on NDC to work through its own structural mechanism both in Ghana and in the diaspora and that the party’s parliamentary candidates in orphaned constituencies have to be supported even as December approaches. Members are not happy that one of their own, Mr. Sammy Osei (a.k.a Okyeman Abrantie) who is the parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa South, a very key and symbolic constituency (the backyard of Akufo-Addo) is not being supported by the party and the government. Mr. Osei used his own resources, energy, time and all during the 2008 elections and even now, but the party nor the government is not supporting to strategically position him to capture the seat from Atta Kyea who is now so unpopular in the Ayem area.

Members believe that in as much as our government’s developmental successes are unmatched in the history of our country; it is the motivation and the enthusiasm of members who will be knocking on other members’ doors to get out and vote on December 7th, which will determine the outcome of the election and that parliamentary candidates like Mr. Osei need to be supported.

Members are happy with the recent government clarification on the procedure on information emanating from the Presidency. Members however believe that since we are in an election year, we need communicators to trumpet President Mills’ achievements and his plans for the second term, hence even as our communication machinery is being streamlined, all efforts must be made in avoiding a situation of gaging others. We believe that well-structured communication team with defined roles for members and a strong and experienced head, where everybody is talking on the same message through different media, such as radio, television, campaign platforms etc will serve the government and the party good in propagating its message during the campaign. Members believe that H.E. President J.E.A. Mills’ achievement during his first term in office is positively unbelievable; hence his second term in office is bound to be highly incredible. NDC-Atlanta implores Ghanaians to renew his mandate so he can continue with his Better Ghana Agenda.

The entire membership of NDC-Atlanta congratulates the Great Akatamanso on its 20th year anniversary and entreats all supporters and sympathizers of the party to work hard in retaining the party in power.

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