Diasporian News of Saturday, 9 June 2012

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Kwahu Europe Foundation conference ends

Antwerp-Belgium--a 2-day conference on ‘development’ organized by the rejuvenated KWAHU Europe Foundation, ended here with a call for unity among members.

Nana Anim Baree I, Nkosoohene of Abene-Kwahu delivered a special message of goodwill from Daasebre Akuamoa Boateng II, Omahene of Kwahu traditional area,
Kwahu Omanhene emphasized the need for tolerance, understanding, peace and unity among Kwahus in the Diaspora, adding with love and unity backed by prayers, “you will be able to move mountains”.
Mrs. Florence Osafo, interim President of the Europe Kwahu Foundation also spoke at the conference, calling on members to close their ranks, and continue “to be your brother’s keeper in these hard economic times and contribute their minute quota in support of the needy”.

The conference was attended by KWAHU delegates in the Diaspora, drawn from Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland-Romand. Nana Ampadu Okotwerebuo 11, head of Kwahu community in Belgium, presided over the conference.

Earlier, the delegates had unanimously approved a new constitution which will protect among others, members fundamental rights, promote human resources development, and unity. The delegates were later guests at a dinner-dance party organized in their honor by the Belgium regional chapter of the Foundation.
Mrs. Eleanor Boateng, the foundation’s secretary announced that the foundation will hold its next conference in London, on November 17, 2012.

Development 2 Antwerp

Earlier in an interview, Mr. Clifford Koranteng, a structural civil engineer and President of Kwahu German community, told the press during conference’s noon break-up, that present world-wide economic stress and free-fall of the “euro” currency has vindicated Germany, proving that discipline in all spheres, plus effective planning and hard work serve as a catalyst to enhance developmental efforts.

“There is no magic wand to effect growth, or to promote economic stability; discipline, discipline in the system, effective control methods, strategic planning/research, hard work and determination yields good results,” he declared.

He argued that despite present world -wide economic trends, Germany is in a strong bargaining position in terms of growth, gained through hard work and determination—a shining example worthy of emulation by developing nations.
He said Ghana’s educational program should be liberated from producing only white collar scholars and should be re-engineered to turn out high-tech engineers and technicians by laying greater emphasis on science and technical studies.

Questioned why he wasn’t going back home to pass on his acquired knowledge and expertise, he replied: “I’m working towards it..”