Diasporian News of Friday, 1 June 2012

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Studio D'maxsi Unveils 2012 Operation Prom Recipient

*Operation Prom which is the first major project under Afua Foundation led

by the world renowned Fashion Designer; Afua Sam. Ms Sam is also the Chief

Operating Officer of fashion label; Studio D'Maxsi.*


Jasmine Green is the recipient/winner of Operation Prom 2012.

She has been accepted into college for the Fall of 2012

Her prom day was 24th of May.

The team: Charlene Brown- Celebrity Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist- Felicia

Gray, Dress Designed by Afua Sam/ Studio D'maxsi, Photographer- David

McCoy/ IMAGES by McCoy*

This is from the fashion Designer; - *"One of the reason why "Operation

Prom" is so important to me is because I was not able to get to my highest

level in school due to some of the things these ladies face. I feel like

this is something small for me to do for someone in the appreciation of

effort and hard work on their path or to encourage someone to keep pushing

to the top.

To me, Jasmine's entry for OPERATION PROM 2012 was not a mere coincident,

someone like Jasmine Green is the reason why I started this project. She

is one amazing young lady! Her strength and enthusiasm for success in spite

of adversity is very inspiring! *

I was so impressed with how she found out about the project. She is the

perfected example of someone who will go after what she want,without

thinking about how is going to turn out, knowing that it can ONLY GET

BETTER. You just have to put your feet in the door. I want to encourage

young people not to be afraid of reaching their goals. Also when you are

introduced to someone,read about what they are doing that can be

a life changing experience,or you never know how things will turn out. NOT


GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL, I'm very proud of her!!.

I could not do it without these AWESOME people who constantly donate their

time and talent to support other causes like "operation prom" A big,huge

shout out to celebrity hair stylist,Charlene Brown, Felicia Gray: make-up

artist, and Photos by David McCOY/IMAGES by McCOY LLC . "Thank you all for

your contribution and hard work"


When I entered the Operation Prom contest, I didn’t expect to be chosen as

a winner. I was introduced to Ms. Afua Sam and was stunned at her

authenticity and humanitarian nature. From the first moment I met Afua, to

the day she put the finishing touches on my prom dress, I recognized that

God placed her in my life not only for prom, but also for inspiration. I

admire her hard work and dedication and have found myself saying, “Ms. Sam

go get some rest!” This woman works!! In watching her hard work and

success, I am reminded that when you work hard you get an outstanding



The style was customized in a hue of pink with gold shimmer which reflected

my personality. The dress was delicate, outgoing, and chic. Afua added

several embellishments that made my dress POP! Mr. David McCoy was my

personal photographer for the evening. He worked with me and created an

environment that was relaxed and comfortable, much like him.

When I stood in front of the camera I felt like I was in a different world.

I was free and able to shine as bright as the sun. My make-up artist Ms.

Felicia Gray was very pleasant. I couldn’t believe there were so many steps

to doing make-up. She made me feel like I was the canvas and she was the


She perfected her work with a hint of mascara and a touch of lip-gloss. My

hair stylist, Ms. Charlene Brown, had such a beautiful and encouraging

personality. She sculpted my hair in a way that reflected style and grace

and I laughed as she told my older sister, “Don’t forget to get this

picture.” Needless to say, I enjoyed this entire experience and couldn’t

have asked for a better prom send-off!

Jasmine C. Green

I walked upstairs and into my bedroom at my aunt’s house, shut the door and

I threw my purse on my silk purple and blue comforter. My bed bounced and

one of the eight pillows on it fell off. As I reached to pick it up, I

realized how sunny my room looked; everything inside my room was

illuminated. I glanced around the room and my eyes landed upon a well

decorated binder of certificates and achievements. The binder was all white

with a tent of lavender paper on the outside. The entire front cover

consisted of cut up magazine clippings. I walked across the room and

grabbed it off my brown bookshelf and flopped onto the bed. It felt like I

had fallen into a meadow of flowers, soft and satisfying.

Holding the binder way above my head with my arms fully extended, I admired

my art work on the outside. I thought of the success I achieved represented

on the inside. I rolled over to my stomach and opened the binder. A smile

crossed my face. I flipped through the clear plastic sleeves. A wave of

nostalgia came over me. I stared at the certificates remembering that proud

moment when I was happy to receive something I, had worked so hard for.

I recalled the award ceremony where I had received many of these

certificates. The lights in the cafeteria were as bright as the sun. As my

principal announced my name, I stood up with my black slacks, ruffled

shirt, and wedged heels. I walked slowly toward the stage. While walking up

to grasp the white sheet of paper in my hand and hold it to my chest to

take a picture it was then I realized this is one of the happiest moments

in my life.

It was the walk back to my row lonely and cold chair that reminded me that

I was alone. I sat down and looked around to see all the other teenagers

with their proud parents. They sat in their chairs sharing laughter and

love. I smiled, knowing that I had done it. Yes! I won certificates not for

anyone else, but for myself and my gone but not forgotten parents. My dad

and I were like cheese on pizza and peanut butter and jelly. However, he

passed on June 25, 2003. Following my father’s death, my mother passed

three years later on April 4, 2006. I missed them dearly and no words could

ever explain how I felt and still do. Nevertheless, I know they would be

proud of their baby girl.

As I continued to flip through the pages of my binder, I started to

reminisce on all the accomplishments that fit perfectly in the plastic

sleeves. Each one had its own unique font and colored paper. My eyes

widened and my cheeks began to hurt because I was smiling so hard.

Happiness, gratefulness, and moist hands began to take over my body. I

looked down at the certificates for academic success; principal’s honor

roll, honor roll, softball, cheerleading, modeling and poetry. In order to

successfully earn these accolades, I’d shown responsibility and

individuality. I also had to climb mountains of homework and study to reach

my goal. When I didn’t understand something in class I took the initiative

to speak up and reach out because I knew that was and anything is possible

if you put your mind to it. My mom used to say “look at the glass half full

rather than half empty” and that’s what I have done.

Looking at my binder, I couldn’t control the joy that began to run through

my body. I came to the conclusion that I had accomplished many things in

life since both my parents passed, despite the obstacles that could have

jumped into my journey of success. When I closed the binder I hugged it as

if it was my mom and dad. It was then that I realized that I was capable of

reaching my goal- earning a college degree and having a career in Business

Management while studying Environmental Studies. The fact that I had to

depend on the people left in my life required me to identify what I really

want in this world. Independence! Going to college is my top priority for I

want so much for myself and I know my future has no limits.

When I step foot on that special campus I will not only bring my caring

spirit but I will be able to share my story with my fellow students. In

order to inspire those who have their parents to be appreciative. It’s

nothing like losing the only people in the world that will love you

unconditionally. Ultimately, I would like to own my own boutique and start

a scholarship foundation for children just like me whose parents have

passed away. I know that with each accomplishment my parents would have

been very proud of me.