Diasporian News of Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Source: Myjoyonline.com

June 4: NDC UK Ireland youth calls for national reflection on the anniversary

We wish to congratulate all Ghanaians who share in the ideals of the June 4 uprising and the entire membership of the NDC.

On this 35th anniversary of that defining day in the history of our country, we call on all Ghanaians to recollect the positive restlessness that drove them to wrestle the country from the claws of national decadence.

The AFRC-P/NDC tradition, through a tortuous journey, has continued to prove unequalled in its stewardship to Ghana.

But the spirit of treachery exhibited through destructive propaganda continues to bog our country down and slow its pace. Multiparty liberalisation has certainly struggled under such conditions to help Ghana realise the pace it needs. Groups and individuals under various guises continue to enjoy time and space to slow our country's forward match.

This occasion provides all patriots of probity and accountability to resolve to assist our leaders to stay energised and focused on transforming our country for the better. We must remain true vanguards of these ideals through thick and thin, for country and for party.

We cannot do so without unity and common purpose behind President John Mahama, his appointees and our party's leaders. We have a duty to support them succeed as the NDC remains the only viable alternative.

We salute all of you patriots of mother Ghana, Akatamansonians, across Ghana and the world.

Happy reflective June 4 to you all!

Submitted by:

Kofi Adoli

Youth Organiser

NDC UK Ireland Youth