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Diasporian News of Monday, 21 November 2011

Source: citifmonline

Ghana's Envoy To France Cited In "Fraud"

The Ghana Ambassador to France, Her Excellency Genevieve Tsegah, has come under heavy criticism by some Ghanaian workers at the Ghana Embassy, who have accused her of "fraud and maltreatment".
She has been accused of pay cuts and other forms of inhumane acts on workers at the Ghana Mission in France since she assumed office.
As part of her modus operandi, she was alleged to have fired her cook and sent her back to Ghana. One of the victims, her current cook on contract, Harrison Boni, has written to the Chief Director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Ghana to inform Ghanaian officials of his predicament.
Meanwhile, Ghana's Ambassador to France, H. E Tsegah, declined to comment on the allegations when contacted by Citi News. She only said she was not ready to confirm or deny the allegation.
Below is the full and unedited text of Boni’s letter:
I am compelled to reveal the secret dealings of the Ghana Ambassador to France Miss Genevieve TSEGAH through this letter to the Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign affairs which I posted since September 2011 to help me retrieve my salary which the Ambassador unduly collected from me has been treated with contempt.
Harrison BONI, 17 RUE DIDOT 75014, PARIS FRANCE, PHONE : + 33 61 002 28380, SEPTEMBER 10, 2011.
Chief Director Ministry of Foreign Affairs P. O. Box M ACCRA
Demand for your Intervention: Sir, I am a citizen of Ghana living in Paris, France.
I was employed as a cook at the residence of her Excellency, Miss Genevieve TSEGAH, the Ambassador of Ghana to France.
Working Hours:
My working hours are determined by her Excellency. However, I work from Monday to Sunday with one day off. The Ambassador, sometimes, asked me to go home if my services are no longer needed. She also solicited my services outside my contracted working hours to organize receptions for visitors. I spent more than eight hours at work.
As stipulated in my contract, my gross salary is on thousand four hundred and forty five euro and eighty-five cents (€1,445. 85) plus a transport allowance of seventy euros (€70. 00). I, therefore, receive a salary net of one thousand five hundred and fifteen euro and eighty-five-cents (€1,515. 85) per month.
Extortion by the ambassador:
In my contract, there was no provision, that I must refund part of my salary to her Excellency, Despite the remark, the Ambassador demanded me to refund her in cash part of my salary; She excised pressures on me, which included menace to terminate my appointment, insults, intimidations and moral harassment. She finally imposed on all her employees, the following method of payment:
The Embassy issues a cheque as payment of my salary and sends it to the Ambassador. Her Excellency will give me the cheque. I’ll deposit the cheque to the bank and when it is cashed the Ambassador demands an unduly payment of 500 or 1000 euro from my salary. This she does upon threats which I’m obliged to compromise for fears of losing my job.
It was through this procedure that Her Excellency collected a total sum of four thousand euros as detailed here. 1000 euros in December 2010, 1000 euros in January, 500 euros in February, 500 euros in March, 500 euros in April and 500 Euros in May 2011 plus June 2011 Salary.
I did not understand the Ambassador’s attitude knowing the no query on my attendance or performance of work was given to me. Secondly the amount she extorted from me was neither returned to the Embassy’s account nor to the Government of Ghana’s coffers for recording.
I was frustrated on this situation. I, therefore, decided to submit my resignation to the Head of Chancery, Dr. Agoe. Upon reception of my letter Dr. Agoe invited me and asked me why I was leaving the job. I narrated to him my working conditions as directed by the Ambassador and all what she had subjected me to including the unduly collection of part of my Salary.
Dr. Agoe knowing fully well this wasn’t in accordance with the Government of Ghana’s or the mission’s regulations and laid down principles contacted her Excellency Miss Tsegah on the salary issue, and she confirmed that yes, she had been collecting part of my salary in cash.
Your, honorable, I demand her Excellency, Miss Genevieve TSEGAH to pay me the sum of Six thousand euros (€6,000. 00). This amount corresponds to the cash she extorted from me, from December 2010 to May 2011, plus my net salary of June 2011 which she confiscated.
I therefore solicit your intervention to advice her to pay me back all the money she extorted from me.
I profoundly hope on the good governance of your ministry to assist, resolve my problem and to prevent in future such an unofficial activity in your foreign missions.
Yours sincerely Harrison BONI