Crime & Punishment of Friday, 1 August 2014


Robber stabs victims

A suspected robber is in the custody of the Odorkor Police for allegedly stabbing a victim several times in the stomach and slashing the ear of another at Kwashieman Official Town.

The suspect, identified as Richard Dido, 31, was overpowered by one of the victims with the assistance of some neighbours.

One of the victims, Bernard Agyei, 34, who was stabbed indiscriminately in the stomach, had his intestines gushing out, while the other victim, Eric Aryee, 37, was stabbed in the left arm after he had his ear slashed.

Briefing journalists, the Odorkor District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police, Mr Abraham Acquaye, said at about 2 a.m. yesterday, two residents saw Dido entering a house after jumping the wall.

He said Dido, who was holding two knives, entered Agyei’s room.

“Agyei, on seeing Dido, raised an alarm, but the suspect stabbed him in the stomach,” he said.

According to Mr Acquaye, a neighbour of Aryee, he heard the shout for help, entered Agyei’s room and saw his friend on the floor with his intestines gushing out.

The suspect was alleged to have first slashed Aryee’s ear and in the course of a struggle, Aryee was stabbed in the left arm.

Some women who saw the suspect with the knife, he said, shouted for help, which attracted the occupants of a nearby house.

The neighbours, who rushed to the scene, were able to overpower the suspected robber, but that was not until they had inflicted wounds on his body.

Mr Acquaye said but for the timely intervention of a police patrol team that had information about the incident from the police control room, the neighbours would have lynched the suspect.

“Agyei was admitted to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and was immediately sent to the theatre for surgery,” he said.

The police, with the assistance of the neighbours, rushed Aryee to the Police Hospital where his ear was stitched.

Mr Acquaye said the suspect, who was also sent to the Police Hospital because he was also wounded, was treated and discharged.

He said the suspect had been charged with attempted robbery, attempted murder and unlawful entry.