Crime & Punishment of Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Kasoa Police search for owners of impounded motorbikes

The Kasoa Police are looking for owners of about forty motorbikes they impounded at the beginning of the year.

The police say the owners have not yet been identified since the bikes were impounded.

Speaking to Citi News, the Commander of the District Motor Traffic and Transport Department of the Police Service, ASP Bawa said majority of the motor bike owners had abandoned their bikes at the station.

The Police impounded about forty motorbikes at the beginning of the year to get rid of all unlicensed motorbikes and also reduce the rising spate of armed robbery in the district.

The police however returned registered motorbikes to their respective owners.

"Beginning of the year, we were given the green light to sweep on all these unlicensed motorbikes and some of them came with their documentations, their drivers’ licenses, their railway certificate and insurance certificate so those motorbikes were released to them,” Mr. Bawa said.

“Few were sent to court they came out and were duly prosecuted but majority of them have abandoned the motorbikes here and they are not coming at all to identify their motorbikes,” he added.

He also stated that the Police was still on the hunt for the motorbike riders who had not appeared in court though the Police had instructed them to do so.