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Dec 27,2011
Nogokpo Shrine sends this fraud alert warning!!!
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This message is coming from the Priests and Elders in charge of Nogokpo Shrine in Volta Region as a warning and an alert to ALL!!!

The Nogokpo shrine came about to be built at Nogokpo during a misunderstanding between some people at Agbozume in the very olden days, in the early 1900s, so the spirit asked to be moved elsewhere for peace to prevail. The meaning of Nogokpo is for you to stay in peace. Nogokpo is a peaceful town as well as the whole area.

This shrine takes care of anything in this world and apart from the Supreme Court in Ghana this is where the truth can be found in any case pending at any court in Ghana. It also takes care of spiritual stuff, anything to do with lost items, health issues, travelling issues and any other issues that disturbs mankind.

It has come to the notice of the shrine and people of Nogokpo that many people are using the name of the shrine to dupe people. Even implicated in this crime are people from this town, Nogokpo, who defraud unsuspecting people pretending they are doing the things at the Nogokpo Shrine. These people as a freedom of religion has their own gods but they use the name of Nogokpo to lure unsuspecting victims to cure them of illness but they have no links with the Nogokpo Shrine. Many people complain of not having or getting what they paid for but the fact is they did not do any consultation or rituals at the Nogokpo shrine, so we are sending this information out that, you have to come to the shrine to get what you want because the powers are working here. Information reaching us indicate that many people (other traditional priests with their own gods) have advertisements and people at the lorry stations and drivers who link up with them immediately somebody says he or she is travelling to Nogokpo.

The Priests and Elders of Nogokpo Shrine wishes everybody from all over the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Contact us for any problem and we shall be glad to help you.

Williams Amuzu
0242 275511
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