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Tullow boss expresses reservation over govt's decision to stop taking gas from Jubilee Field

Comment: Solutions

Kofi Ofori Amoako
2019-12-16 17:01:44
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Ditching Jubilee’s free gas for Eni’s 'expensi

I cannot for the life of me fathom why we are attempting to build an LNG regassification plant and import LNG in the face of the massive gas discoveries in Ghana. Unless as is typical, the LNG promoters stand to gain personally from this approach and are putting their selfish and parochial interest over the nation's. A better, comprehensive, sustainable and all encompassing solution would be to either expand the existing Atuabo Gas to increase its processing capacity or use the resources earmarked for the LNG project to build a new and larger capacity plant capable of processing the stranded liquid gas from Eni and Jubilee. It does not make any economic and financial sense, and actually defies logic, to import LNG from Russia when we have so much stranded gas locally and paying take or pay penalties of 28 million USD a month. Couldn't the cost of building a regasification plant to process gas imported from Russia go into constructing a new gas processing plant with scaled up capacity to process our locally produced gas? You Go figure, self professed gas experts!

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