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Ivory Coast destroys tonnes of dangerous rice rejected by Ghana

Comment: Another fool

2019-04-17 19:10:54
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I usually don't like to insult on this medium but you are one big idiot or prat.
Yes Rawlings did kill which may and I shall say again may not have been right.
Go the tell the supreme Court in USA and some other countries not to kill some prisoners by lethal injection etc.
Tell me Rawlings may have been wrong in some ways but I grew up in that era and saw the discipline Ghana had and ppl were afraid to even take bribes.
Ppl did not drop litter.
Do you think that rice would even have been sent to Ghana.
Idiots like you talk like Rawlings and afrc never did any good for Ghana.
Let me tell you even Kagame who has done so much for Rwanda gets criticized.
The rice may have cause more deaths than what Rawlings did.
Have u thought about that.
You big fool.

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04-17 16:33
Another fool
04-17 19:10