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Planted audiovisual recorder found in 'galamsey' minister's office


2017-07-10 13:48:42
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Planted audiovisual recorder found in 'galamsey' m

Materialism has gradually crept into the church and the way some pastors crave for money nowadays is very amazing. I used to attend church at a branch of Winners Chapel International in my locality. The resident pastor and his associate pastors mount the pulpit after gulping energy drinks to charge their ‘spirit’. All they do is scream into the microphone and the sound they generate is enough to blow the ear drums of a nanny elephant yet these chaps always think it is their unholy noise that will wake Jesus up from his 'slumber'. The other time, after harvesting some few bags of grains from my farm, I doled out one bag to be given to widows of this assembly. The pastor took custody of the food stuff and the next Sunday preached a sermon about tithing where he claimed that some members are not faithful tithers and instead of paying tithe in full, they use part of the money to buy food stuff for some widows to show everybody that they are more righteous. I quickly drew the attention of an elder to inform the pastor that the food stuff is a produce from my farm. The following Sunday, the pastor preached another sermon on prosperity where he claimed that none of his members is poor and so if anybody has any gift for any member of his church they should send it elsewhere. This shocked me to the Marrow because I often see congregants and widows of this church always struggling to make ends meet even to the extent of them having to resort to picking and gathering stones and waiting for days to solicit for potential buyers before they could sell one head pan of stones to cater for their needs. Till date I don't know if the church has distributed the food to the widows. Is this Christianity?

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