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Ghana is the best place to invest - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Comment: Investing in Ghana

Albert Mensah
2017-04-29 16:25:48
Comment to:
Ghana is the best place to invest - Ministry of Fo

I read your article titled Ghana is the best place to invest. I cant agree with you more but as a Ghanaian living outside, I found it very frustrating investing in the country. What I find is that any office or official you contact for any permits or documentation, the first request is a bribe. if you do not agree with the paying of these bribes, you are tossed around, lied to and your permit delayed. It becomes quite frustrating especially when you have already invested much into the said project already. That has happened to me on numerous occasions and I can say with regret that if I had known the amount of frustration and bribes I had to pay, and the deception from unscrupulous individuals who are just around to "419" you, I would have kept my money in the US. I hope the present government will do something positive about the delays and lies of these idiots.

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