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Tullow Oil Ghana holds Investor Forum

Comment: Tullow Oil and Ghana

Borketey Lawe
2015-05-21 02:26:51
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Tullow Oil Ghana holds Investor Forum

It is hard to understand what is wrong with the leaders who get elected to run Ghana--Or is it the people who elect these windbags-meaning the Ghanaians?
A proven businessman comes and proposes to give the country a reliable railway system if given the necessary hire and fire authority to run the railways. The politicians were not satisfied with the revenue - I mean tax revenue from passengers tickets and other business taxes that will give a steady and reliable tax base to the country.
The richest oil and the largest company in the world bid to develop the oil wells in Ghana and Ghana politicians let Exxon-Mobil slip away and instead give the franchise to an unknown- archaic British company that has neither the cash nor the expertise or the know-how to get the project to start on a sound footing. (his masters voice?)
Exxon was rejected because the American laws will prosecute any American company that gives bribe or the proverbial ten per cent commission to any entity of foreign country in order to get a contract.
If Exxon-Mobil were running our oil wells-- DUMSOR will never get to the stage where we are now..
Think about it we are waiting for a Turkish Company to build electric generating badges to help Ghana?
Who rejected Exxon Mobil?
Exxon/Mobil has more powerful badges in fact ten times more powerful electric generating badges waiting to go to the aid of any of their drilling and oil wells.
GHANAIANS which government chose Tullow?

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