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DHL expands network in Sub-Saharan Africa

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2014-04-03 15:10:02
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DHL expands network in Sub-Saharan Africa

President Mahama, did President Mills set up an investigative committee to investigate you for inflating prices on the contracts you signed in the name of Ghana? YES or NO?

I will come back to that issue later on but now Ghanaians want to know if you also inflated the cost of educating Ghanaian Doctors in Cuba.

Why did Mahama tell Ghanaians that it will cost Ghana $30,000 for the duration of six years to educate one Ghanaian Doctor in Cuba when he has already billed Ghana for $150,000 per student for the 250 Northern students he sent to Cuba? Even the Cuba government has listed on its website that these students are on Cuba government scholarship, so who is going to pocket the extra 120,000 dollars per student if we have to believe Mahama? Why do we have to pay 37.5 million dollars to educate 250 students when this money if used in Ghana can educate 1500 Doctors Legon and more than 30000 Doctors at KNUST? Can President Mahama address this issue instead of hiding behind lies and innuendos?

On the same website, Kenya also sent almost the same number of medical students to be educated in Cuba at $30,000 per students for six years so why is the President billing Ghana for $150,000 per student for six years?

Was it not even corruption when the President Mahama, then Vice President selected all these students from the three Northern regions with few Ewes from his office? When did the Office of the Vice President become Scholarship Secretariat?

President Mahama has been weaving and boobing like a scared Price Fighter who has been put in a ring against an opponent he would rather not have anything to do with? Does this amoral President who has children out of wedlock all over the place grab the bull by the horn and address a legitimate question about his penchant for signing outrageous contracts with flags flapping around them like a windy city flag in Chicago in December?

President Mahama is trying to play a delay tactics hoping that time will run out and hopefully win the election without addressing the corruption issue. Ghanaians should hold his feet to the fire and demand answers from him about contracts that have led Ghana to lose money on almost every contract he has penned his name to.Why is President Mahama always lying? What is he trying to hide? A prominent Chief I know advised me when I was about ten years in Kumasi about LIARS. He said, "Kwame, you are a good boy and I want you to be like this for the rest of your life and take this advice from me.He had sent me to go and pick up a rent money from one of his tenents at one of his rental properties for him.I forgot in the course of playing with my friends and about an hour later, he asked me whether I have picked up the money from Mr Somuah. I told him with fear that, "NANA, I FORGOT, I AM SORRY". He said, Kwame, it is alright, at least you told the truth. You could have said you went there and Mr Somuah was not there. Always tell the truth because Truth can take you far.Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. The problem with a Liar is not the lie itself but what the lie is being used to hide.A Liar is a murderer, thief or rapist, he told me" I have grown to find out that he was right.

During the IEA debate in Accra, this man said that the constitution guarantees every President two terms. Mr Mahama, the constitution does not guarantee anybody two terms.

Secondly, even if the constitution guarantees every President two terms, you are not fighting for a second term, you are rather fighting for your first term because at the moment, you are like a spare tire that is good for a short time and changed when we reach where we are going and we will reach that destination on December 7th, 2012. We cannot take chances to use a spare tire for four years, we are not suicidal.As a spare tire President, you have given us a some anxious moments to wonder if we can rely on you to take us as a country to where we want to be in four years.

On the blindside of President Mills(No pun intended), then Vice President Mills cut a deal with a Brazil company to buy plane for the country and inflated the prices for his own benefit. It used to be extra 10% on contracts for government officials to pocket, in Mills/Mahama administration, it is DOUBLE DOUBLE now. If you sign a contract on behalf of Ghana for 20 million, you put it in the books for 40 million. Inflating contract prices has become rational in Mills/Mahama four years administration a six classroom block that used to cost Ghc80,000 in 2008 has gone up to Ghc420,000, more than 500% increase but we have been told inflation has been in single digits for more than a year, that is Mahama's voodoo economy.

Vice President Mahama as the chairman of the Armed Forces Council signed a contract with Embraer, a Brazil Plane Manufacturer for the acquisition of five jets, including the most expensive hangar for this poor nation, when President Mills was in and out of consciousness hooked to the oxygen tank. At the blindside of President Mills, then Vice President Mahama led an NDC Government delegation to negotiate the purchase of aircrafts for the Ghana Armed Forces. The invoice he brought was “gargantually” inflated so much so that late President Mills, who was not known for questioning such corrupt deals by members of his party became convinced that his Vice President was up to mischief. He therefore set up a Three Member Committee to investigate this hypocrisy and betrayal of people’s trust. A Presidential plane purchased for 80 million dollars which has been listed in the company manual for 40 million dollars was fitted with a one million staircase, 8 million dollars extra fuel tank and a 17 millionn hangar(garage) that the same NDC government has spoken against when in opposition when the price was 8 million dollars. Now they find 17 million dollars as not outrageous when they have howled against it at 8 million dollars.

According to former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Martin Amidu,the late President Mills, apparently shocked and suspicious of then Vice President Mahama's negotiations, set up a Committee, comprising Hon William Aboah, Mr. George Amoah and Brig. Gen. Allotey (Rtd.), to investigate the Processes of the Acquisition of Five Aircraft, including Embraer 190 aircraft and hangar to the Ghana Army.According to Martin Amidu, "pressure groups never allowed the Committee to take off. But the very fact that the late President Mills contemplated this Committee meant that he was uncomfortable with and suspicious of the alleged inflated prices of the aircraft." Well- meaning Ghanaians believe this is a huge indictment on John Mahama who has refused to address this issue. Why is President Mahama and his veloce communication team of more than thirty people refusing to address this important issue. This is a President with a team of young sharp teeths who responds to any accusation against him so why are they mum about this accusation by Mr Martin Amidu? Is it a case where there are evidence to indict Mahama so his team are willing to allow this accusation to blow over?

Can President Mahama come clean on the Wa Regional hospital fiasco? Why did he tell Ghanaians that the Wa Regional hospital will be completed in December of this year when he knew not one brick has been made for this project? Why can't he tell Ghanaians that he has given $18 million to an Egyptian 419 Apostle who has absconded with the money and Ghana is searching for another loan to carry this project to fruition? How much of the 18 million has found its way back to Mahama? As Ghanaians, are we aware of how careless Mahama has handled our money? He signed a 10 billion dollar loan with STX of Korea to build 200,000 houses and not one house was built but Ghana has lost more than $300 million on this project because of corruption by Mahama.

Speaking on the issue of corruption at the IEA’s final Presidential debate on Wednesday, the President noted that government alone was not going to be able to fight corruption as it will require a collective effort.

“Corruption in Ghana is anecdotal; government alone cannot fight corruption. It takes all our people to fight it. We must not just rumour corruption. We must be prepared to stand against corruption and I think that that is one area in which we are lacking,” he opined.

RUMOR CORRUPTION? What planet is Mahama living on? Is he saying there is no corruption in his administration when jobless riff-raffs who were living in one bedroom with their mothers have built mansions and gas stations in just four years as Deputy Ministers and members of the administration Communication team?President Mahama, don't say "that is one area in which we are lacking,” We are lacking in this area because we have a President with an albatross of corruption rope around his neck who is failing to lead. There is lack of leadership on the corruption issue because the President is knee deep in corruption mud and trying to push the blame somewhere.

President Mahama even defended Woyome's fraudulent payment because he is a beneficiary of the the the $30 million dollars paid to Woyome for no work done. During the IEA debate on Wednesday November 21, President Mahama said this in rebuttal to Nana Akuffo Addo's accusation.

' according to President Mahama, the payment of GH¢858 million in judgment debts by his government were all caused by the NPP government and as such the reference to the payment of dubious judgment debts by the Nana Akufo-Addo was a sign of desperation."

This statement by President Mahama, was exposed by the NPP flagbearer who reminded the President that Mr Woyome, for example, has been hauled to court by the Attorney General, a functionary of the NDC government for “procuring the 51.8 million judgment debt payment through fraudulent and illegal means and also causing financial loss to the state.”

Why is Mahama government prosecuting Woyome if his administration believes that Woyome is entitled to that gargantuan money or the said prosecution is a facade? Ghanaians should not make a mistake and vote for this mystery man who cannot even tell how many children he has fathered. Why is it that we have not seen Mahama's family portrait? Too many children to fit into one portrait? Your guess is as good as mine.

Justice Sarpong


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