Business News of Monday, 31 December 2012

Source: myjoyonline

Vodafone responds to agitating broadband customers

Vodafone Ghana has reacted to a group of its fixed broadband customers who have been agitating for days over the recent capping of fixed broadband packages.

The company said in a statement that lots of those complaining are customers who pay for home consumptions but use the unlimited data access to run internet cafes and business centres from which they generate income.

Vodafone said in the statement that practice is not fair to other customers who consume way less, and the capping system was therefore introduced to ensure some fairness in the system, and to enable customers to choose packages that suit their respective lifestyles.

It also noted that its data packages are the best on the market in terms of value for money.

Meanwhile the company said it would meet with the agitating customers after the Christmas festivities and explain the issues better.

We hereby publish the full statement from Vodafone.

'Historically, business customers and internet café owners using our fixed broadband service subscribed to our residential bundles which were specifically designed for home use. An internet café owner can download 750 GB of data a month, which translates into the download of over 1000 movies a month. Businesses and internet café owners were accessing this bandwidth at the same price as a majority of our home users whose average data consumption was only 7GB A MONTH. This distribution of bandwidth was unfair to the home user as it degrades their internet experience.

We have now introduced a fixed broadband package which offers an unlimited fixed broadband service specifically designed for the high data consumption for these businesses. The conflict arises when the internet café users insist on continuing to pay the same rate as the home users while generating revenue from their use.

Our fixed broadband packages still offer unbeatable value in Ghana and our consumers can continue to choose from a range of bundles to suit their lifestyle. The fact is that all broadband services are subject to fair usage for the value that is on offer.'