Business News of Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Source: myjoyonline

Vodafone Introduces Seamless Connection to Windows 8

Vodafone Ghana has introduced at least two devices unto the Ghanaian market which allows seamless connection to the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system without the customer having to download and install any software and do any settings.

The Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi device called Vodafone Mi-Fi, the recently launched Vodafone modems are all Windows 8 compatible and so users who have Windows 8 laptops do not have to do any installations and settings for the modem or Mi-Fi because it works automatically once there is a Vodafone SIM in the device.

Head of Terminals at Vodafone, Ebenezer Amapdu told Adom News “Vodafone has been working with Microsoft from the onset of Windows 8 development and as part of our effort to ensure our customer got seamless service we worked with Microsoft to develop a package that if you put a Vodafone SIM in a Windows 8 tablet or a Vodafone dongle in a Windows 8 laptop it seamlessly downloads and installs the software for you from within the software without you doing any settings.”

He said, additionally, Vodafone would on Friday November 23, 2012 introduce a Windows 8 handset, HTC 8X in selected Vodafone stores across the country, and Windows 8 tablets would follow next year.

The introduction of Windows 8 devices in Ghana makes Vodafone the first telco in country to introduce and commercialize the Windows 8 Operating System in Ghana, weeks after MTN Group announced in South Africa it would launch Window 8 and its devices in Ghana this December.

Ampadu said that Vodafone had worked with Microsoft from “day zero“ on the development of Windows 8, so Vodafone knows how it works better than any other, and are in the position to provide Ghanaians the best experience on Windows 8.

He noted that the Windows 7 versions of Vodafone’s modems and Mi-Fi devices, launched months ago, have also been programmed to work on Windows 8 automatically, however, the very old Vodafone dongles, which were introduced long before the conception of Windows 8, would need some installation and settings to be able to work on a Windows 8 device.

Ampadu explained that Windows 8 allows the user to synchronize all compatible devices such as tablets, computer (laptop/desktop), and phone such that when one takes a picture/video or loads any documents on one device, that document/picture/video could be retrieved automatically on the other device without physically transferring it.

“Windows 8 comes with an online cloud system called Sky Drive which has about 7GB of storage and allows you to take a picture, for instance, with your Windows 8 handset and retrieve save it in the Sky Drive and retrieve it on your laptop or tablet automatically without having to send the picture from your phone to your laptop or tablet,” he said.

He noted that the system is particularly great for the work of journalists because it allows reporters in the field using Window 8 devices synchronized to devices in the office to post pictures, videos and articles on the Sky Drive of their phones or tablets for the Editor to retrieve them in the office without the hustle of downloading stuff from phone/tablet to laptop before sending them.

Ampadu said “what this means is that you can start some work on you Windows 8 desktop computer in the office and continue that work on your laptop, phone, or tablet at home because you can retrieve it from the Sky Drive – you can also prepare a presentation on your Desktop and retrieve and deliver it from your phone or tablet.”

He said Windows 8 works on touch screen devices and also allows the user to personalize the device in the live tiles on the screen, adding that it also enables the user to block access to parts of the phone and allow access to other parts of the phone for security reasons.

“There is Kids Corner, where you can open for your children to play games, but deny them access to other parts of the phone,” he said.

He said the system also allows updates on the social network pages of friends whose phones are in synch to be automatically updated on each other’s phones.

Ampadu noted that Vodafone has also designed that system such that the dashboards or menus of the Vodafone Mi-Fi and dongles are now integrated into the Windows 8 Operating System so the user can check balance, buy bundles, recharge vouchers and do other stuff within the online platform just by entering “Vodafonemobilewifi” in the URL bar, instead of waiting for the dongle to connect before accessing the dashboard.

Vodafone is the second largest telecom operator in Ghana with a subscriber base of more than five million representing some 20% market share.