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Cocoa industry to soon enjoy zero tariffs in China's market – Ambassador hints

Comment: We haven' been fair to non-cocoa farmers

Water Yam
2020-08-23 15:39:17
Comment to:
Cocoa industry to soon enjoy zero tariffs in China

We are investing our energy and resources into promoting cocoa, from nursing of seedlings and distributing same to farmers free of charge, tarring of cocoa farm roads,scholrships for cocoa farmers children etc the question I want to ask is it because cocoa is growing in the southern part of the country or what? suppose this crop was grown in the North do we think the same level of support would have been extended to cocoa farmers? And is cocoa the only crop that can be supported and well marketed? Successive governments have not been fair to non-cocoa growing communities in the country. Future governments will have to address these inequalities in our society

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