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Press Releases of Friday, 25 June 2021

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This is how to check the pH level of any mineral water in Ghana yourself

Different types of water and their pH levels indicated Different types of water and their pH levels indicated

If you have ever come across the importance of drinking water with the recommended ph level of 7.0 or ‘googled’ the effects of drinking water with some acidic or basic elements in it. You will understand why the conversation about the pH level in the various mineral water brands we have in Ghana is dominating content on websites and various social media platforms.

This much-needed conversation was necessitated by some pictures and videos from an experimental setup that went viral with some of the mineral water brands being part of the apparatus.

The mineral water market space in Ghana is highly competitive, with each brand investing in research and resources to make sure that not only do they start ahead of the curve but also give the good people of Ghana the best mineral water they deserve.

In line with giving the people of Ghana the best, it is also very paramount to make information available to the average and discerning Ghanaian to make the right choice for him or herself.

From what I gathered, the experiment does not in any way suggest that any mineral water brand is not safe for drinking. Since the ph range for any safe drinking water is 6.5 to 8.5 and all the mineral water brands in Ghana fall within that range. But what is also salient to note is the fact that not all of them have the optimal pH level. According to the U.S., Environmental Protection Agency the recommended pH level range is 6.5 to 8.5. With the optimal ph level being the number 7.0.

The number 7.0 on any ph chart represents neutral, which means any mineral water brand with the optimal ph level, is at best, the safest mineral water you can bet on. And the health benefits that come with drinking water with the optimal pH level are enormous, with the topmost of all, being the immune system boost that it gives to your body.

Let me share a clue with you. The easiest way to check for the ph level of any mineral water brand in Ghana is simple. The next time you buy any of the mineral water brands present in the experiment or any. Take a closer look at the label, read through the mineral compositions section, you will find the pH level of the water there.

But always remember, the optimal is 7.0, and only a few mineral water brands in Ghana have the recommended optimal pH level.