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Business News of Sunday, 27 February 2022


Four things that used to be considered luxury but now a necessity

Luxury is now deemed as relative Luxury is now deemed as relative

A few years ago in Ghana, owning certain items that brought a level of comfort were deemed to be of luxury and used by only the 'high class and elite'.

But with growing demand and supply for these items in recent years, coupled with increasing population figures, there has been an even access and ownership of these items for many.

Air-conditioners, cars and generators among others, were once labelled as luxury goods due to their expensive and inaccessible nature.

But in our current world, these goods and items have become a necessity.

GhanaWeb, in this article, takes a look at some goods and items which were once deemed as luxury a few years ago but have now become a necessity for many.

Air condition:

If one decided to purchase an air-condition a few years back, they were deemed to be of the 'elite class' as the item was not often used by many. In the past, it was surprising to find ACs in the homes of individuals and people who visited such homes usually had priceless reactions.

ACs have however become a neccesity with many people owning them in order to keep their homes and offices in cool temperatures as the ozone layer is undergoing its very own climate changes and resulting in warm weather conditions.

Water Tanks:

In Ghana, access to potable water still remains a challenge for many individuals and communities. Although there are now companies that provide water services to these unserved communities and people, many still grapple each day to get access to water.

But owning a water tank, which serves as a primary or additional source of water storage years ago has lost the title of luxury as many people, even with access to clean potable water still resort to using them to store water as a form of reservoir.


With the growing demand for electricity and access to power supply which is vital for businesses, households and institutions, owning a generator is essential.

A few years ago, ownership of the item was deemed as the most convenient as many would want to visit your home or institution to get a bit of that additional electricity access.

But with a persistent power crisis that earlier hit Ghana in 2013, ownership of generators began to surge as there was no end in sight for the power crisis to be addressed for almost three years until a solution was later found.

Now, while having a generator seems rather normal, some electricity consumers are now opting for other energy sources such as invertors and solar energy panels all in a bid to get access to additional electricity supply.


While many will argue what the 'real' necessity of owning a car may be, its importance cannot be understated. Owning a vehicle in Ghana’s current economic climate could either be a blessing or curse for some as many commuters still grapple with increasing fuel prices, car maintenance among others.

But a few years ago, being a ‘car owner’ meant you could dictate your own movement irrespective of your geographical location.

While many Ghanaians still resort to using public transport, owning a car is deemed as an investment which has become a necessity as it saves time, money and somewhat reduces stress.