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Business News of Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Source: Cummins

Cummins synchronization system guarantees smooth, uninterrupted power supply

Cummins, the diesel engine and generator set manufacturer, has introduced a Masterless Load Demand in its generators, which works seamlessly with Power Command Control 3.3 (PCC3.3) digital paralleling system to gives customers the power needs they require.

With the Cummins Power Command Control 3.3 (PCC3.3) with Masterless Load Demand (MLD) digital paralleling system, two or more diesel generator sets can synchronize with each other in a default 10 seconds or less The Power Control Command 3.3 provides a dependable and redundancy power system in that when your power demand at a particular time is within capacity range of one generator, using the running hour records on the power command the higher hours generator will stop and go into standby mode to wait for run command signal from the running generator for support.

The set on standby will start automatically synchronized and share load or take over within
5 seconds, should the set on line stop under any condition.

The above system allow for zero downtime as maintenance/ service can be carry out on one set while others generators operate and serve your facility.

Cummins Ghana has installed some of such generators for customers such as Fiesta
Residences-Accra, Protea Hotel-Takoradi and among other.

Protea Hotel Select Takoradi, is a four star hotel located in Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. Being perhaps the first international hotel to open in the Western Regional capital, managers of the hotel could not take chances when it came to guaranteed and interrupted power supply to their facility, especially in an era when Ghana’s power supply situation remains largely unstable.

In such times, the best decision to take to protect your investments when it comes to power supply is to have a dependable stand-by power generation system and superior after-sales support. Protea Hotel Select Takoradi decided on Cummins Power Generation with its Power Command Control 3.3 (PCC3.3) with Masterless Load Demand (MLD) digital paralleling system. Protea’s decision, according to its management, stemmed from the reliability of Cummins generators and depth of knowledge of the Cummins team in the synchronization

With this system every facility is guaranteed a reliable back-up system that automatically kicks in and seamlessly feeds into the main system without any interruptions or fluctuations anytime there is a power outage or less load demand. Protea Hotel Select Takoradi commissioned Cummins two 450kVA generator sets that provides a total of 800kVA back- up power to the hotel.

According to Richard Kyei-Boateng, Application Engineer for Cummins Ghana, Paralleling two or more generators gives you enormous benefits such as cost savings on the purchase of the genset, low operational cost, fuel economy-reducing the fuel cost at a substantial rate, low possibility of both sets going down the same time hence maximizing running hours as one will be serviced at a time.

These benefits are gained through the Masterless Load Demand (MLD) component fixed in the Cummins generator sets from 175kVA and above. This takes away the cost of purchasing more panels for such purpose. With the PCC3.3 and the MLD; synchronizing is achieved.