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Boxing News of Friday, 6 July 2012

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Samir Captan is not GBA President -Otoo

Matchmaker Solomon Otoo Lartey is crying wolf that Ghana

Boxing Authority (GBA) boss Samir Captan is apparently still in office calling himself

President of the nation’s boxing governing body.

Reacting to a purported letter from the GBA to various associations

under the body including the United Boxing Coaches Association of Ghana signed

by Mr. Captan, Mr. Otoo Lartey described it as out of order and is calling on

the National Sports Authority to call Samir Captan to order and restrain him

from calling himself GBA President.

“The politicians he (Mr. Captan) is following in

Odododiodoo, he should ask them what is the meaning of President. Before you

become a president you have to be elected. Formerly, J.J. Rawlings was the

Chairman of PNDC before he was elected as president through NDC,” Solomon Otoo


He added: “I don’t blame him, it’s lawyer Felix Quartey I

blame because he has to tell them about the law. He knows that the law has

changed and it’s LI – 1988 which is working now so their administration is


The Ghanaian boxing administration have come under intense

pressure to assimilate themselves unto the New Sports Regulations LI – 1988,

which prescribes the formation, organization, administration and elections of

officials of sports association to rest in the hands of people interested in

that particular sport (stakeholders).

A stakeholder pressure group, the Committee for Boxing

Stakeholders (CPBS), have called for Mr. Captan who is in office by government

appointment, the two year tenure having expired in June last year, to vacate

office for the boxing fraternity to go to Congress to elect their executives. A

stand that has received the backing of the National Sports Authority (NSA) who

have since ordered the GBA to go to congress to elect their officers.

That is why the GBA have notified the various stakeholders

to elect their executives by August 31 so the process for congress and election

of executives for the boxing governing body could be executed thereafter.

“His tenure of office expired last year and he was only by

appointment. He’s only a chairman, not president, who elected him to call

himself president? Presidents are people who are elected. He can’t address himself

as president, he can’t. If you hang unto power like Muammar Ghadafi, you will

die,” United Boxing Coaches Association President Godwin Dzanie Kotey AKA

Alloway has also said.

Abdul Rashid Williams, Secretary of the United Boxing

Coaches Association also adds his beef on GBA Communications Director Mohammed

Amin Lamptey. “Amin Lamptey is the one bringing problems in Ghana boxing and

Mr. Samir Captan should bring Amin Lamptey to order because he goes on air to

attack coaches without any cause. What is wrong with coaches calling for

congress when Mr. Captan has also been part of the call for congress long

before he became the GBA Chairman? Instead of Amin Lamptey to know that the new

LI allows congress to come on, he goes on air and just tries to defend the