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BBC Pidgin of Saturday, 11 September 2021


Wetin you fit chop apart from cow meat, if e dey too expensive

Meat na important nutrient but oda alternative to meat na fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and pork Meat na important nutrient but oda alternative to meat na fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and pork

Tori about di possible increase for di cost of cow don attract plenty reaction from Nigerians.

During di public hearing by di Lagos State House of Assembly on anti-open grazing bill di Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association drop hint sey price of cow fit go up.

"One cow fit now cost like two million naira [about $3,703]," Maikudi Usman wey bi Miyetti Allah Zonal secretary for South-west tok.

Dis one mean sey one cow fit cost like ₦2 million - e go make beef cost for market.

But dis concern about di possible increase for di price of cow don make Nigerians react differently.

While some feel sey Nigerians fit dey without cow, odas feel sey cow meat na better and major protein wey pipo need.

See wetin you fit chop apart from cow meat - Expert advice

On 9 September, 2021 Lagos become di latest state to sign di anti-open grazing Law.

Dis dey come afta many oda states wey don sign di same law.

Di Anti- Open Grazing Law dey follow famer/herders clash plus oda issues of security wey dey rise for di kontri.

"E bad say cow meat fit cost sake of di anti-open grazing Law but e good if e go bring end to clashes."

Public Affairs Analyst Adeamola Aminu tok.

Na human beings dey chop meat and pesin need to dey alive to chop am.

"Di states wey don sign dat Law don do in di interest of dia pipo,"

"If e happen say cow cost, Nigerians go need to fall back on oda sources of protein."

For 2018 Professor Clarence Lakpini wey be di Director of di National Animal Production Research Institute (NAPRI), bin tok say:

Cows, goats and sheeps dey contribute 30 percent to di National Agriculture GDP and 3.2 percent to Nigeria overall GDP.

Based on dis observation belief dey sey di sale of animals dey contribute to national development.

Pipo fit do witout meat?

E get community for Nigeria wey bin ban di consumption of cow meat.

Na Uwheru Kingdom for Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State wey put law sey make nobody chop meat again.

Di Kingdom put di Law sake of di clash between herdsmen and farmers.

Though di implementation of di Law don weak, some pipo still dey live witout eating cow meat.

Wetin Research advise as alternative protein

Protein na important nutrient wey dey good for human body.

According to BBC Good Food "Everyone need protein for dia diet sake of di importance.

"E get multiple functions for pesin body, including building tissue, cells and muscle, as well as making hormones and anti-bodies".

Oda alternative to meat na fish, seafood, chicken, turkey and pork.