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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 12 October 2021


Thomas Sankara murder: Di day dem murder Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara of Burkina Faso

Thomas Sankara dey popular well well among young Africans Thomas Sankara dey popular well well among young Africans

Thomas Sankara, Burkina Faso president for four years die 34 years ago, on di 15th of October 1987.

Armed group kill Sankara wit twelve of im officials for coup d'etat wey im former colleague and friend Blaise Compaoré bin organise.

For di 37 years old president, 15 October suppose be anoda busy day wit plenty meetings.

For 4pm suppose do meeting one of im three weekly meetings for im special cabinet for Conseil de l'Entente or Council of Understanding.

By 5pm im plan to go do sports, den do one complicated meeting wit about di Revolutionary Military Organisation (OMR) for 8pm dat night.

But im plans for dat evening no go as im bin take plan am.

Di only survival from assassination attack Alouna Traoré say, Sanakara bin just begin im cabinet meeting for Conseil de l'Entente wen dem heard sound of wetin be like exhaust pipo from car wey dey approach.

Di next tin dem hear na shooting. Sankara surrender to di attackers wit im hands for air afta im tell im followers to stay inside for dia own safety becos, "na me dem want."

Alouna say "im hardly comot for door before dem shoot am" several times. Dem also shoot 12 oda pipo.

Im say two two bullets wey dem shoot Sankara for im head kill am immediately.

At di time di assassination happun, Oga Compaoré quickly deny say im hand no dey di murder come claim say im dey sick for house wen di di happun.

Afta Sankara die, Blaise Compaoré takeover dat same evening as president of Burkina Faso.

Compaoré serve di kontri from 1987 to 2014 wen im run comot from di kontri afta mass protests force am to resign.

Blaise reverse all di policies wey Sankara becos according to am, di policies threaten foreign relations wit dia kontri former colonial ruler, France.