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South Africa riots news: Fact-checking claims about riots, looting afta Jacob Zuma jailing

Pipo bin looting and burning malls because of arrest of former presido Zuma Pipo bin looting and burning malls because of arrest of former presido Zuma

As unrest spread for South Africa afta di jailing of former President Jacob Zuma, some social media users don dey share misleading videos and pictures.

Di current president, Cyril Ramaphosa, don ask South Africans to "stop dey post and circulate messages wey fit cause katakata, and spreading rumours or false reports on social media...".

>We don investigate some examples of widely-shared misleading content.

One doctored image of di former president in prison

One manipulated image wey appear to show Oga Zuma inside orange prison uniform dey circulate everywia.

E don receive thousands of shares wen one Facebook page wey call itself "Jacob Zuma deluxe", post and hundred comments follow

Many of dem dey pity Oga Zuma or some dey tok say e deserve to go to jail for di comment section.

However, some question di accuracy of di picture. Di image carry one watermark wey show say na from one Twitter account wey post am on 8 July.

E get one outline around Oga Zuma head, wey look suspicious.

And one reverse images search reveal an almost identical image - without diformer president in it - and e don dey available online for long time.

We traced am to one AFP photo database, wey clearly show dem take di foto in 2002 for Pollsmoor Prison, Cape Town.

E also dey important to note say although di former president currently dey in prison, current Covid rules for South Africa mean prisoners no dey not allowed to mix wit one another.

Di former president daughter use old images

One Twitter account for one of Zuma children, Dudu Zuma-Sambudla, post one image of pipo on one major road for di city of Durban, some lie down for ground in an act of protest.

Di post come wit caption: "Durban City, We See You! Amandla," wit di hashtag #FreeJacobZuma. Amandla - meaning power - wey become a rallying protest during di apartheid period.

However, di image she use no dey related to events wey follow di jailing of di former president, and look like na from one different set of protests last year.

We don see one very similar picture for one media article dem publish on 25 September 2020 wia di same individuals and same vehicles dey for road.

Dem take di foto during protests organised by one group wit a list of social and economic grievances dem want address.

Although di shot na from one slightly different angle, di positions of vehicles, of di pipo wey dey lie down for road and di way dem dress look identical to di one Dudu Zuma-Sambudla use.

One old video claiming to show current unrest

One video show one confrontation between a group of black men and white men don attracted more than 300,000 views on Twitter, and appear to show part of di current unrest.

Di tweet, dem post on 13 July, say: "White farmers for #South Africa get whipped and dem tiff dia cars as di kontri descends into mass-looting frenzy".

DiTwitter account base for Poland, and e get handle associated wit online conspiracy theory activity, and posts anti-immigrant and white nationalist content.

Also, di video in question bin dey circulate before di riot start around 9 July.

E get reports online from 25 June wey feature di same video, which news stories on independent blogs and sites claim say e dey about a pay dispute, and e no dey related to di current unrest, but we don dey able to independently verify dis details.

No, lions no comot from game reserve

One widely-shared video wey falsely claim say those wey involve in di protests pull down fencing for di Hluhluwe Game Reserve for KwaZulu-Natal province, to let out lions and other animals.

Di Twitter account post warn pipo to "watch out for lions, etc" and e receive a lot of comments, and dey widely liked and retweeted.

But di post dey misleading because di video dey old.

Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, di government agency wey dey manage di game reserve, say dem take di video for mid-May during one unrelated protest wey get nothing to do wit di former president.

"So far we neva experience any damage to our property," di game reserve managers tok on dia Twitter feed on 12 July.