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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 8 June 2021


Sa'idu Abdullahi: Kano man 're-appear' for town afta over 60 years im 'miss'

86 year old Mallam Sa'idu Abdullahi, man wey bin lost and found 60 years later 86 year old Mallam Sa'idu Abdullahi, man wey bin lost and found 60 years later

Di tori of 86 year old Mallam Sa'idu Abdullahi na one wey dey continue to surprise and excite many pipo across Kano state wey dey northern Nigeria after e appear for Daka Tsalle town after over 60 years absence.

Mallam Sa'idu leave Daka Tsalle town years before Nigeria independence in 1960 and according to di man, e leave di town wen Emir Abdullahi Bayero (grandfather of current Emir) bin dey rule Kano before im death in 1953.

Di man wey no marry or get pikin all dis years say e bin leave im town in search of greener pasture to go Ibadan capital of Oyo state for south west Nigeria, wia e bin wan also go look for im uncle wey go few years before am.

"Initially my plan na to go back to my town before Nigeria independence unfortunately e no come work out."

Wen BBC visit Mallam Sa'idu family house for Daka Tsalle town, di house full with relatives and oda pipo wey come see di man and to hear im tori.

Many of di relatives wey speak say dem tink say e don die many years ago as many of dem dey young when dia parents tell dem about am.

Some grandchildren of im brothers wey full di house tok say dia grand uncle tori na one of a kind and dem dey surprise say e still dey alive.

Mallam Sa'idu say di time wey e travel na kolanut trade dey reign and im mission na to go enter di business and make money.

Im family say wetin surprise dem be say all dis years, Mallam Sa'idu no forget Hausa language and all im senses dey work intact.

At di moment, even pipo from neighbouring towns dey visit to go see di man wey leave im town since when colonial masters bin dey in charge of Nigeria and wen Kano neva become state.

Finally, Mallam Sa'idu say e dey happy to be back among im family after all dis years and e dey very proud of im background.