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BBC Pidgin of Thursday, 23 September 2021


Rivers state Prophet Israel Georgewill wey die afta im lover give am love portion don get justice

Family of late Prophet Israel Georgewill, wey die after im lover, Onyema Bright Worlu give am love portion, don begin plan im burial nine years afta im die.

One of im brothers, Abu Georgewill tell BBC Pidgin say, di family go hold meeting on Sunday 26 September 2021 to decide di date of im burial as dem bi no wan bury am while di court case to determine how dia brother take die for 2012 bin still dey go on.

Na on Thursday, 16 September 2021, High Court for Port Harcourt sentence two women, Onyema Bright Worlu and Prophetess Edina Loveday Worleru to life imprisonment after di court find dem guilty of manslaughter for di death of Israel Georgewill.

Di Court find say, Edina Loveday Worleru wey be prophetess of a spiritual Church for Rumuche community for Emohua Local goment area of Rivers State, prepare poisonous substance in di name of love portion for Onyema Bright Worlu to give her boyfriend, Late Israel Georgewill, wey also be Prophet for anoda spiritual Church within di community.

Di trial Judge, Justice Adolphus Enebeli as im deliver judgment for di mata wey start since 2012, find say Onyema Bright Worlu voluntarily make di confessional statement she make for police station on how dem plan, prepare and administer di love portion wey kill Israel Georgewill; dem no force her to make di statement under duress and so im come find di two women guilty of manslaughter and sentence dem to life imprisonment wey dem go serve for di Port Harcourt Correctional Centre.

How di mata take happun?

Di State Prosecuting Counsel Chidi Ekeh tell BBC Pidgin say, Onyema Bright Worlu confess say for 2012, she bin ask Prophetess Edina Loveday Worleru to make love portion for her wey she go take give her lover man, Israel Georgewill to get favour from am.

So di Prophetess come give her substance with instruction on how she go administer am. She say she give her di one wey she go put for im drink and di one she go put for her private part.

"So Onyema Worlu come invite her lover Georgewill, put some of di love portion substance for di Malt drink wey im drink and anoda one for di water im drink. She come rub anoda one for her private part and dem come make love.

Afa dem finish di first round of sex, di man wey die, Georgewill come begin feel very hot and uncomfortable from inside im body so im run out of di room begin run go im church but unfortunately im die right in front of im church house as im no fit make am into di church.

Immediately im begin bring out foam from im mouth and im body begin swell up as im die.

So neighbours around wey see wetin happen, go hold di woman and ask her wetin happen as na di two of dem bin dey togeda. Dem come drag her go wia di man lay dead for di church house. Na dia she come bring out something from her private part troway inside bush and some boys rush go pick am.

Dem carry her go di Divisional Police Station and she confess wetin she do."

Chidi Ekeh say dem bring Toxicologist from Lagos to test di substance wey Onyema bring out from her private part troway and di Toxicologist testify for Court say di test wey dem conduct on di substance show say di substance na 'Otapiapia', substance dem dey take do rat poison and e dey very dangerous to human health as e dey work like acid. Na dat substance di Prophetess take make di love portion.

"Di physical appearance of late Georgewill after im die show say wetin im take-in, digest be like acid as e burn im belle inside out so na clear case of murder wey carry death sentence but di court see am say na manslaughter with life imprisonment sentence and we agree with di court."

Prophetess Edina Loveday Worleru die two days after court sentence her to life imprisonment

After di judgement, lawyer to Onyema Worlu di first defendant, Vincent Chuku say dem go appeal di judgment for di interest of justice.

But just two days after di judgement, on Saturday 18 September 2021, di second defendant, Prophetess Edina Loveday Worleru die.

Prison authorities confam say she fall sick on Friday following di judgement and dem rush her go hospital but she no make am as she later die.

Di State Counsel Chidi Ekeh say her family no go fit collect her deadibody for burial because since she still be di property of di Federal goment wey dey serve life imprisonment sentence, na di prison authorities go bury her and even in death, she go still serve her prison term.