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BBC Pidgin of Wednesday, 20 October 2021


Nigeria Endsars protest: one year after, wetin don change?

Na young pipo wey dey front for di protest against police brutality Na young pipo wey dey front for di protest against police brutality

"Dem put fire for my business house, two story building, burn down everything. I lost over 1.7 billion naira"

Dat na di tori of Lagos business man Okey Adibe wey jaguda pipo burn down im big shop for Lagos during di endSARS protest wey happun exactly one year ago.

Im shop bin dey sell ceremics and tiles. E tell BBC Pidgin say till now e still dey try to restart im business.

Okey be just one out of hundreds of pipo wey di Endsars protest negatively impact dia lives and businesses.

#Endsars na di hashtag wey trend as youths take over di streets for October 2020 to protest police brutality and bad treatment by di Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS).

Di protest kick off on October 8 peacefully and continued for days, but later turn bloody as hoodlums take over di protest begin destroy public and private property nationwide.

Amnesty international say dem kill over 50 pipo during di protest. Human right watch say at least 15 pipo die for shooting wey happun on 20 October, 2020 for Lekki tollgate inside Lagos.

Wetin happun for Lekki toll gate?

One of di biggest matter about di Endsars protest na di alleged shooting of unarmed protesters by Nigeria military for di Lekki tollgate area Lagos wia protesters camp for days.

Some protesters and victims claim say pipo die for di toll gate, but Nigeria goment say nobodi die. Minister of information Lai Muhammed at di time say 'how massacre go happun with out deadi bodi'.

Nigeria army agree say dem do shooting for Lekki toll gate during di protest, but dem say "dem no shoot live bullets dia and dem no kill anybodi dia".

October 20 go mark one year since di Lekki tollgate incident and Nigerians for social media say dem go protest to show dia anger ova wetin happun for di tollgate and to remember pipo wey allegedly die during di protest.

Police for Lagos say dem no go permit any kind protest wey fit put di state in danger.

Nigeria Executive Council also beg pipo wey wan protest make dem no protest, rather make dem find oda lawful means to show dia anger sake of di security situation for di kontri.

Wetin di protesters bin wan achieve?

Protesters enta street unto say dem want make goment ban di special police squad wey dem dey call SARS.

Dem accuse SARS say dem dey brutalize young pipo anyhow, dey collect and search phones by force and extort moni from dem.

Di youths carri placards, dey sing anger song. Dem visit many govnors offices nationwide to drop dia complaints and demand for change.

Dem block di Lekki tollgate wey dey for Lagos say motor no fit pass until goment answer dem. Youths also block plenti oda major locations across Nigeria including di Ojota bridge for Lagos, Berger Bridge for Abuja, Okigwe road roundabout for Imo state.

Dis demonstrations later yield positive result as President Buhari order di disbandment of di police unit "wit immediate effect".

How hoodlums hijack Endsars protest

Di protest turn violent as hoodlums begin join di protest. Jaguda pipo begin attack police formations and pipo property.

Police records show say over 100 police stations suffer attack. Police authorities say dem loose plenti officers wey jaguda pipo attack and kill.

Security agencies heavily clampdown on protesters, arrest many and whisk dem away in commando style.

Humans rights lawyer Femi Falana tell BBC Pidgin recently say over 300 protesters wey police arrest for Lagos alone still dey for detention till date without any form of arraignment for court.

Im and im team set up NGO wey go help secure release of protesters wey dey behind bars.

Police brutality don end?

Although goment listen to di youths and ban SARS, police brutality wey follow for di major tins wey cause di protest still dey for di kontri.

On Saturday October 16 anoda video begin trend for social media wey show as one police officer slap one young boy for Kogi state. Tori be say di officer squad also use force collect 25,000 naira from one victim during dat same incident.

Di IGP order investigation into di incident and di police come later arrest di officer.

But Nigerians still dey complain of how some police officers still allegedly dey collect moni by force from dia victims, while some still dey stop and search pipo phone.