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BBC Pidgin of Sunday, 17 October 2021


Nigeria Air Force deny say dem pay N20 million ransom to bandits to protect Prez Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari President Muhammadu Buhari

Di Nigerian Air Force don deny tori by one US-based media organization say dem pay N20 million as ransom to bandits to exchange one anti-aircraft gun wey dem seize from di Nigerian Army.

Di Wall Street Journal bin report say Nigeria Air Force pay di money afta dem realize say di bandits get weapon wey fit bring down President Muhammadu Buhari plane during im trip to Katsina.

But Nigeria Air force say di tori na lie.

Wetin Wall Street Journal [WSJ] publish

Di US news organization say di weapon wey di bandits get pose serious threat to President Muhammadu Buhari wey dey fly go "im hometown about 80 miles away".

According to WSJ, one Air Force officer na im carry di money go deliver for di bandits' camp.

"Di ransom, nearly $50,000 na new Nigerian bank notes, no be for one pesin, but to na to retrieve weapon wey directly threaten di president of di kontri.

A kidnapping gang wey dey for Nigeria Rugu forest bin seize antiaircraft gun during dia clash wit military unit and Nigeria goment need buy am back.

One hour later, di officer, wey no no gree reveal im identity dey exchange greeting wit a leader of network of criminals wey dia campaign of kidnapping civilians — including hundreds of schoolchildren — don raise millions of dollars to build plenty weapon.

Over tea, di militant leader agree to release di truck wey get 12.7 calibre anti-aircraft gun in exchange for di money," na wetin WSJ publish.

Dem say di officer reportedly enta di town of Jibia on the border wit Niger, wia plenty armed men come out from di forest to meet am.

Wetin Nigeria Air Force tok?

Di Nigeria Airforce (NAF) insist say di tori wey Wall Street Journal publish on Sunday na lie.

Dem say di tori na serious allegation wey no dey logical and say na to cause insecurity for Nigeria, Edward Gabkwet, Nigeria Air Force tok-tok pesin tok for statement.

E say nothing fit make NAF pay bandits or any criminal elements.

According Gabkwet, "Di NAF wish to categorically state say truth no dey for di spurious allegation.

Di said report dey totally false. Make pipo therefore see am as fake news.

We dey partner wit di Armed Forces and oda security agencies to decisively deal wit armed bandits and all oda criminal elements for di kontri.

Indeed, as recent as October 12, 2021, NAF aircraft conduct 5 missions for di Jibia general area and engage target wit rockets and cannons for Bala Wuta bandits' locations for Kadaoji." Di statement tok.