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Loki TV Series: Four tins about di show and one of MCU favourite villains

Loki na one marvel cinematic universe character Loki na one marvel cinematic universe character

Loki na one marvel cinematic universe character wey totori pipo wella.

First off, by say e be di movie series favourite villian and secondly by di way im tori bin turn around.

Di actor wey play di role bin tok say di character bin change im life forever.

Di TV Series on Loki dey come afta di success of di two Disney + series from di Marvel Cinematic Universe, wey be WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Here be three tins you suppose know about Loki

How Loki Finish for di Marvel Cinematic Universe

Afta im bin get wetin oyibo pipo de call "redemptive arc", wey be wen bad guy turn to good guy, for im role for Thor Ragnorok, wia dem bin destroy dia plaen Asgard.

For Infinity War, we see Thanos enta dia ship wey dem bin run comot with di survivors for Asgard, to collect di Space Stone.

Na dat time Thanos bin choke Loki to death as di god of mischief bin dey try stab am.

Dis one mean say di god of mischief don die.

Who be dis Loki?

Well , for the Avengers: End Game feem, sometin happun wey cause dem to go back in time to 2012 to find di same Space Stone.

E bin cause am to escape with di stone afta dem release am. Dis mean say di Loki wey dey di series no be di Loki wey die but di Loki from 2012 wey bin want di whole world to treat am as god.

Wetin dis TV show dey about?

Well dis show, show Loki as di Time Variance Authority, wey be di joinbodi wey dey maintain di integrity of di "sacred timeline" catch am.

Dis joinbodi work na to make sure say any pesin wey dey travel through time, wey dem call "variant" no go exist.

But instead of to erase am for history, di TVA put am for one case to catch one very dangerous variant.

E be liek di sho go follow di tori with im and im new partner Mobius.

Di historical gist of Loki

No be only Marvel get di character of Loki, e actually come from di mythology of di Norway pipo.

Tori be say im come from di name Logi wey mean fire, dem say e no be good or bad guy and no dey fight for righteous living.

For im Norse myth, dem say Loki na shape shifter wey fit changee to resemble anybodi but also say im no get loyalty and go sometimes fight for di god and oda times against dem.

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