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BBC Pidgin of Wednesday, 24 November 2021


How three fires in five days cause damage for Port Harcourt in Nigeria

Di fires happun for Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt Di fires happun for Rivers State capital, Port Harcourt

For three straight days, three fire outbreak don happun inside three different locations for Port Harcourt, southern Nigeria.

Di Fire outbreak in Port Harcourt dey make many pipo for di oil rich city wonder wetin dey happun.

One woman dey devastated after she loss three children for di fire wey happen for Bonny/Bille/Nembe jetty for Creek toad, old Port Harcourt Township on Monday 22 November, 2021.

BBC Pidgin gada say she leave dem for one of di cargo boats wey dem dey call 'market boats' go buy something but before she return, di fire don spread reach di boat wia her children dey.

Di Nembe waterside fire na di third and latest fire disaster to happen within 48 hours.

And many pipo wey get various degrees of burn injury dey receive treatment for di Rivers State University Teaching Hospital RSUTH.

Police for Rivers State don recover di skulls of three children and one adult from di ashes of di fire disaster for Nembe waterside.

Eyewitnesses say di fire start around 10am on Monday from one of di boats wey carry some petroleum products come spread to oda market boats wey bring foodstuff.

Perishable goods like crayfish, dry fish, periwinkle and oda things wey traders cari to come sell as na market day burn down together with some pipo wey dey inside di boat.

Seven cargo boats burn completely for di fire with some cartons of drinks, piles of wood, garri bags and goods wey bin dey di Bille side of di jetty.

And di traders, mostly women wey dey sell crayfish and dry fish dey count dia losses as evritin burn finish.

Youths for di jetty vex pursue fire fighters wey come to rescue di situation on Monday.

Di young pipo say dem come late, so na only dem gree-die to fight di fire before heavy rain fall quench am.

Commander of di Federal Fire Service for Rivers State say im officials narrowly escape mob action for di Nembe waterside fire outbreak inside old Port Harcourt township.

DCF Abdullahi Audu Alfa come advise pipo to change dia negative attitude against firemen and support fire fighters whenever dem respond to fire incidents as dem dey trained.

And get di necessary things to take fight di fire, come add say na help dem come to help.

Fire outbreak in Port Harcourt: Wetin cause di disasters?

D-Line fire

Di first fire disaster happen for Isiokpo Street D/line on Saturday night 20 November, 2021 from one abandoned warehouse wia dem store alleged illegally refined petroleum products.

Di fire come spread, burn down oda buildings and warehouses for Isiokpo and Kaduna streets for D/Line axis of Port Harcourt.

Di affected buildings include one church building and National Institute of Information Technology NIIT complex.

Although nobody die for dis fire, goods worth millions of naira destroy as big tankers, generator sets, vehicles, 40ft container and goods inside di warehouses burn down.

Di fire follow fuel wey flow through di gutter go burn some cars wey park some streets away from wia e start.

Commissioner for Energy and Natural Resources for Rivers State say no be gas explosion cause di fire.

Peter Medee explain say as some pipo bin tok but say di possible cause of di fire na illegal petroleum activities wey dey go on inside di abandoned warehouse.

Dr. Medee say dem go investigate properly to find out wetin really cause am.

E say dem immediately demobilise and depressurise di gas pipeline wey di State Goment get, wey dey pass through di area as soon as dem get report of di fire.

So di pipeline dey intact, no explosion from di pipeline, e tok.

Fire fighters from Federal Fire Service help to put off di fire.

Fire outbreak for Rumuokoro

Barely 12 hours after di D/Line fire outbreak, anoda fire disaster burst for one illegal oil bunkering site for Rumuagholu, Rumuokoro axis of Obio Akpor LGA.

Di fire wey start around 1:30pm Sunday afternoon, destroy an uncompleted building and threaten a nearby commercial bank along East-West Road for di Rumuokoro area.

E also affect anoda commercial building behind am, but for di quick intervention of fire fighters from di State and Federal Fire Services.

Over twenty tanks wey contain illegally refined petroleum products burn inside di compound wey di front be like warehouse wey dey store foodstuff.

E be like ware house for bags of rice, spaghetti and cartons of tin tomatoes.

Anoda underground tank filled with products dem refine form di site also dey nearby, though di fire no burn day side.

Wetin be kpofire?

Kpo fire na di local name for illegally refined products wey dem get from illegal oil bunkering activities for Port Harcourt.

Many youths for di Niger Delta region of Southern Nigeria dey involved in dis activities wia dem dey tap crude oil from pipelines connect to dia crude refinery to get petroleum products like kerosene, diesel, premium motor spirit and condensate.

Reports of pipeline vandalism don dey reign since di late 1990s and early 2000s and di Nigerian Goment don order security operatives through di Joint Taskforce to arrest pipo wey dey do illegal oil bunkering and destroy sites wia such bunkering activities dey happen.

But to stop am na big challenge because many factors and di fact say pipo dey take am find dia belle sake of high unemployment rate, even though e get high risk of causing serious fire disaster.

E don cause havock like di one wey happen for Rumuekpe, Emohua local goment area of Rivers State for October 2021 wia one site wia dem dey do illegal oil bunkering catch fire and pipo die.

According to di report wey sabi pipo wey Rivers State Goment assign to chook eye inside wetin dey cause di soot pollution, say dis kpo fire na one of di major contributors.

E dey casue di black soot pollution wey pipo for Port Harcourt dey suffer, "as di crude refinery dey result in incomplete combustion. Dis naim be di soot wey dey pollute di atmosphere.

Wetin Goment dey di about kpo fire?

Di Commissioner for Special Duties Emeka Onowu as im go assess di damages wey dis three fire disasters don do say di State Goment go seize di lands and property wia dis illegal oil bunkering and illegally refined petroleum products dey, cause di fire.

Im add say di State goment go set up special committee wey go investigate dis fire disasters and dem get one week to submit dia report.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike on top dis matter say time don reach wen di Nigerian State suppose consider di damage di activities of of crude oil thieves and illegal oil bunkering don cause di economic mainstay of di country and treat dem as treasonable offenders.

Di Governor say di fight to stop oil theft don continue to fail because top ranking military officers dey deeply involved.

"You know dis bunkering no go fit stop; make we dey serious about am, evribodi dey involved. Di military dey involved. Police dey involved. Di Nigeria Civil Defence Corps dey involved. If not, dia is no way dis bunkering fit still dey continue. Na terrible thing.

I no know weda we go take di issue of bunkering to dey more serious than treason. If you go around and see wetin don happen to our environment, you go pity us."

Di Rivers Governor also want members of di military taskforce deployed to arrest illegal oil bunkers to find a better and environmentally friendly way to destroy di bunkering sites for di State because im say when dem blow-up and set those sites aflame, dem dey increase soot for atmosphere and dat na another grave environmental concern in Rivers State.

"If e get anoda civilised way to go about am, make in's consider am so dat while una dey do di right thing, we no go die. Make una find anoda way to reduce dis soot. Unfortunately, we no get helper.

But we go continue to prayGod to touch di minds of dis bunkerers." Na so Wike tok.