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BBC Pidgin of Thursday, 10 June 2021


How people make money on Twitter in Nigeria and wetin di effect of goment ban for dia job

American microblogging and social media networking, Twitter, na one of di biggest social media network for di world wit an estimate of over 330 million active monthly users as at 2019.

Di social media platform wey Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams launch for July 2006 na platform wey pipo fit post, interact wit messages wey dey known as "Tweets".

Reports say bout 40 million Nigerians dey on Twitter and many of dem na young entrepreneurs wey depend on Twitter for customers.

For many Nigerians, Twitter no be only a place to get information but na platform to make money, do business, meet pipo, get jobs, tok wetin dey your mind and sabi wetin dey happun for across di world as e dey happun.

So how exactly dem dey make money from Twitter?

Sabi pipo say di first step na to get ogbonge Twitter profile - E include complete Twitter profile, with profile foto of yourself or foto of your company, relevant username and Twitter handle (If e be your name or your company name).

Complete Twitter profile go help followers sabi and build trustworthy relationship wit di brand.

Di next step na - To grow your following:

Wit 0 followers on Twitter, your tweets no go get many engagements wey go help you make money. Di more your followers, di more influence pesin get and e fit make you 'Twitter Influencer'.

How to make money on Twitter

Sponsored Tweets

Companies or pesin fit connect with Twitter influencers to pay dem to promote dia brands and products or services.

Wen you don dey popular on Twitter and you get large followings of engaged fans, other companies go dey pay you to tweet about their products, services, or brand.

If you don popular well-well for Twitter, you fit reach out to brands wey you love and tell dem di benefits of promoting dia product to your audience with a paid tweet.

Some online platforms dey wey go help you connect wit companies wey dey find influencers to pay for tweets.

Nigerian Marketing Communications Manager and Brand Influencer Wale Adetona tell BBC Pidgin say for Nigeria, di range of paid Tweets dey between N5,000 to N30,000 per Tweet. Depending on di organization, di least wey influencers dey collect for Nigeria for small brands na N5,000.

Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter

Another way pipo dey monetize dia Twitter accounts na by promoting affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing na wen you promote oda pipo products. Wen pesin buy products from di link you share.

Online business

Pipo also make money from Twitter by using di platform to advertise and sell dia own products.

Since your followers don already dey follow you, dem go get interest for wetin you dey sell.

Twitter Ads

Now, although some pipo go say dis one na for di platform but di end game na im be di koko.

Twitter Ads na way to make more sales for your business becos by creating am, e go help your business reach more people online—no be just your current followers, but oda users on Twitter too.

Di more pipo dey aware of your business, di more sales you go make.

Twitter Ads look just like other tweets for di feed but dem dey clearly labelled 'promoted'.

Monetize Your Twitter Presence

On YouTube, creators fit monetize dia channels, wey allow dem to put ads for dia videos and live streams. Wen you watch or click di adverts, di creator dey make money from those advertisers.

You fit do am on Twitter too.

Few years ago, Twitter bin roll out di Twitter Media Studio, wey go allow content creators monetize dia presence on Twitter.

Twitter Media Studio go allow you put in-stream video ads and in-stream video sponsorships right into your brand safe Twitter video content so you go fit make money directly from di platform.

How Twitter ban affect pipo wey dey make money on di app

One of Nigeria top 10 Twitter influencers, Pamilerin Adegoke wey get over 550 thousand followers, say e personally dey lose between $450 and $500 each day of di ban.

And no be just am as e say some entrepreneurs like am get copy writers and editors wey dey write online contents.

Entrepreneurs wey dey sell goods also dey use dispatch riders wey dey transport merchandise among others.

Economist Bisi Fawole say, dis na why di ban get far reaching implications for di kontri wey currently dey battle wit about 33 per cent unemployment.