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Health benefits sleeping naked: How sleeping naked fit keep your body healthy

Sleeping na one of di ogbonge tins wey everybodi dey do for night Sleeping na one of di ogbonge tins wey everybodi dey do for night

Plenti pipo dey wear night gown, pyjamas, big tee-shirt, underwear, or oda types of cloth wey dey comfortable to sleep.

But some health benefit dey for pipo to sleep naked.

Sleeping na one of di ogbonge tins wey everybodi dey do for night.

And to get correct sleep get many health benefit.

Although sabi pipo for medicine say e neva get research wey claim say e dey beta to sleep naked for night pass make pesin wear cloth.

But wellness coach dey advice make pipo dey comot cloth to sleep.

Kris Ero wey be wellness coach for interview with BBC Pidgin tok reasons why e dey beta for pipo to sleep without cloth.

E dey reduce di effect of heat for beta sleep

Wen temperature dey low, e good to allow your body collect fresh air.

She say cooling down go tell your bodi say time don reach to relax. So sleeping naked go allow your body temperature to go down and e fit help you sleep well.

Cooling your body go still improve di quality of your sleep.

Healthy skin

Because sleeping naked fit help increase your sleep quality, e dey also improve your skin.

One small study look at whether poor sleep fit limit di skin ability to heal from small wound.

Dis show say to get enough sleep fit help your skin to recover and stay healthy, and if sleeping naked dey help that one happen, e even better.

E dey ease anxiety and stress

"Wen we dey do stress management tok-tok with pipo wey dey battle with lack of sleep, we dey ask dem how many layers of cloth dem dey wear to sleep," Kris tok.

We dey advice make pipo no wear cloth as e go allow dem relax well wen dem wan sleep, she add am.

She say when you wake up you go dey more relaxed and you go dey positive.

Beta relationship with your partner.

If skin dey touch skin wen you sleep beside your partner, e go help una dey attracted to each oda, wellness coach, Kris Ero tok.

To sleep naked dey encourage kerewa with your spouse, she tok.

Body confidence

Kris say to sleep naked dey make pipo dey confident about dia bodi. "Pipo wey sleep naked dey confident about dia bodi, nothing wey you go tell dem wey go shake dem."

For pipo wey no dey appreciate di kain bodi dem get, I dey advice make dem dey practise to sleep naked because that way dem go dey comfortable with dia bodi, Kris add.

"You dey cover bodi from morning to evening, when you remove cloth to sleep for night e go allow your skin to breathe."