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Guinea coup: Profile of Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya wey comot President Condé from power

Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya

One surprise military coup for Guinea don end di controversial tenure of President Alpha Condé, less than one year afta e win third term wey follow deadly protests and serious restriction on di opposition for di west African nation.

Members of di elite Special Forces (GFS) bin detain 83 year old Condé on September 5, hours afta dem report gunfire near di presidential residence for Conakry.

GFS Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya confam di takeover on top di state TV and promise to conduct peaceful transition.

"Di personalisation of political life don dey over. We go put in place a transparent and inclusive transition. We go put in place system wey neva dey exist," Doumbouya tok as armed GFS officers surround am as e use di Guinean flag cover body.

Col Doumbouya, wey according to report receive broad military training for France be like say na im dey di helm of di Guinea military junta wey also dey known as di National Rally and Development Committee (CNRD).

Di Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), African Union and UN don condemn di coup and dem dey expected to put pressure on di junta to hand over power to civilian transitional goment.

E be like say na di weak responses from di coup wey happun for neighbouring kontris like Mali and Chad motivate di Guinea coup wey underscore di political and security fragility of west and central Africa.

Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya: Key Facts

No much informate dey ground about Doumbouya early life, except say e be Malinke like President Condé and e come from Guinea eastern Kankan Region.

E dey live for Forecariah, western Guinea, where e serve under di bureau of territorial surveillance (DST) and di general intelligence services.

Doumbouya reportedly attend di War College for Paris, France. E get 15 years of military experience wey include operational missions for Afghanistan, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Central African Republic and close protection for Israel, Cyprus, UK and Guinea.

Tori be say di colonel don "brilliantly complete" di operational protection specialist training for di International Security Academy for Israel, di unit commanders' training course for Senegal Infantry Application School, di staff officer training for Gabon Staff College of Libreville (EEML) and di War College for Paris.

E serve as legionary for di French army until 2018 when Conde ask am to return to Guinea to lead GFS, wey dem establish dat year.

Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya: Controversies

Since 2018, plenty tori don full Guinean media wey cast doubt on Doumbouya credentials.

For October 2018, Le Guepard warn Guineans say make dem no "fall under di spell of your probable future executioner".

In August 2021, Friaguinee claim say Dombouya dey denied of French citizenship because "dem see say im conduct dey different to di values and principles" of di French legion. E also questioned how di colonel take get im money..

While reporting on several properties allegedly belonging to the colonel, Friaguinee as e dey report on di several properties wey allegedly belong to di colonel ask: "How dis officer, wey im monthly salary no reach five million francs [$500], take manage to build all these buildings?"

For May, Doumbouya dey among di 25 Guinean officials wey dey singled out for EU sanctions sake of human rights abuses. Plenty rumours dey say e dey detained for Camp Dubreka for western Guinea but na only rumour.

Doumbouya also appear like say im dey against di defence ministry exercising oversight of GFS.

Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya: Wetin e tok

"Di socio-political and economic situation of di kontri, di dysfunction of republican institutions, di manipulation of di justice system, di violation of citizens' rights, di disrespect of democratic principles, di excessive politicisation of di public service, financial mismanagement, poverty and endemic corruption don make di republican army to carr out dia responsibilities for di pipo of Guinea." 5 September 2021.

"We must help di pipo of Guinea to comot dis situation because we need am. We advise make everyone remain for diatheir barracks and continue their regalian activities, wey include securing di borders." 5 September 2021.

"Our objective na to ensure say Guinean pipo dey united and enjoy all di benefits of di kontri. We no come paly wit di government. We go learn from all di mistakes we don commit and all Guineans." On France24, 5 September 2021.

Commander Colonel Mahamady Doumbouya: Wetin odas tok

"Dis remind me of di parade wey happun on di 28th of September for Stadium, where we feel say President Alpha Conde and other Guineans dey proud of dis special forces unit. E turn out to be dog wey we feed, we later attack us." Journalist on privately-owned Espace TV, 5 September 2021.

"Dis gentleman no get any military training wey go allow am to be simple sergeant for normal army. For dis reason, di five years e spend for foreign legion for France no give am pass di rank of corporal ... According to our source, na only such acts, wey dey turn simple corporal into commander, go fit result for di kain madness wey make Corporal Mamady Doumbouya be victim, who gocommit himself to di massacre of di population." Le Guepard website, 5 September 2021.

"Di question wey Guineans must ask themselves na whether pesin wey comot from di French army on top accuse of notorious misconduct, and therefore dangerous, fit hold di position of commander for di Guinean army? Why something wey dey bad and dangerous for di French army go dey good for di Guinean army?" Friaguinee website, 23 August 2021.

"Guineans, if you fit no fall under di spell of your possible future executioner! In a few days, on di way to Alpha Conde third term, you go understand why e turn Corporal Doumbouya into Commander Doumbouya." Le Geupard website, 5 October 2018.