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BBC Pidgin of Saturday, 3 April 2021


Easter day celebrations and traditions pipo dey practice around di world

For Christians across di world, Easter day na day to celebrate di resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Di day for many families dey start for church and end with some oda joli-joli arrangements.

But e dey important to note say apart from going to church, pipo across di world get different ways dem dey take dey mark di day.

See a few of dem here.


For di Greek island of Corfu, dem dey throw old pots out of dia windows for streets dat na dia Easter Saturday morning tradition. Tori be say dem copy dis tradition from di pipo of Venice, for Italy, wey dey throw out dia possessions.


For Ukraine, pipo dey pour each oda water on Easter Monday. Dem dey call am Wet Monday and e dey happen for oda kontries like Poland too. Na tradition wey dem say get to do wit di baptism of one Polish prince hundreds of years ago.


For one small town for south of France, pipo dey gather every Easter Monday to share one massive... egg, wey dem dey call omelette! Na about 15,000 eggs dem dey use and e dey big enough to feed thousands of pipo.

Tori be say, di French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte bin like di omelette, wey im eat dia and ask dem to make one ogbonge one for am and im army. Na so di tradition take start.


Outside Europe, for di White House for America wia di kontri president dey live, dem dey do annual Easter egg roll for di grass dia.

Dis tradition start as far back as 1878 when President Rutherford B Hayes bin dey run di kontri. Na Easter Monday dem dey do am and usually na di president wife, di First Lady, dey in charge of di event.

Northern Europe

For parts of Scandinavia, children dey dress up, a bit like Halloween, and dey ask for chocolates and treats for streets. Dem fit wear head scarves, make up and carry twigs wit feathers as part of the tradition.