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BBC Pidgin of Wednesday, 22 September 2021


Dollar to naira for black market: Central Bank govnor gatz ansa dis Nigerians

Pesin wey dey count dollars Pesin wey dey count dollars

As Nigerians still dey tok di mata of Naira and Dollar rates, Central Bank of Nigeria dey di middle of conversation.

So BBC News Pidgin ask Nigerians ontop Facebook and Instagram wetin dem go ask di Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

Dis dey follow di ban on alternative naira exchange rate website, Aboki Fx.

And di ban of Bureau De Change to sell foreign currency in order to save di economy.

Bashorun Adebiyi Solomon ask say "How Abokifx update take affect a whole kontri currency?"

E also ask say, "Loan limit no dey wey di Federal goment fit borrow reach?"

Chinedu Anthony ask say, "Why e easy make outside forces determine exchange rate for Nigeria?"

Adamu Chinedu Alabi ask say, "why CBN no dey put eyes on Nirsal microfinance bank program ?"

Tyohen Jemgbagh wan ask about E-Naira.

And Dennis Alozie wan know "wetin be the economic importance of e-naira?"

Longdem Josiah dey ask, "why be say na china phones and other products mostly dey nija, but na dollar we they use buy them no be Chinese currency weh be yuan?"

Keleci Nwabueze wan know why im study agriculture dey run di kontri economy?

Starrah Sparkle dey ask about di inflation for di kontri and why e dey soo much.

Edoh Sunday A ask say "Shey dis borrow borrow wey Nigeria goment dey do get future effect for Nigeria?"

Nonso Onuorah Kevin dey ask about Aboki Fx, e say "For 2015, Aboki Fx still dey function and di dollar bin dey at 150 naira, so wetin happun nau?"

Many pipo still get question concerning di shutdown of di Aboki Fx and im effect on di currency value.

Wetin be Aboki Fx?

Aboki Fx na website wey start for 2014 bin dey work as information service company to gada informate on top di parellel market rate.

Dem tok for inside statement say dem no dey trade for foreign exchange.

Di research wey dem carry out for years even before dem start to dey di parallel market rate don dey used for research purposes.

Di site dey get di information for parallel market from di streets of \Lagos and na di average rate dem dey publish.

Di site boast of customers for ova 200 kontris wey dey use dia rates.