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BBC Pidgin of Thursday, 10 June 2021


Buhari Arise interview: We go dey ruthless wit those wey dey cause security wahala for northwest

Presido Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria Presido Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari say im biggest worry na from di northwest wia di pipo from same culture dey kill each oda.

Di president tok dis one during one interview e do with Arise news TV say den go treat dem 'in di language wey dem understand.'

"Di same pipo from di same culture dey kill-kill each oda and dey steal each oda cattle burn dia villages. We go treat dem di language dem go understand. We don give di police and di military power to be ruthless and in few weeks time, difference go dey"

"f you keep pipo away from dia farm, pipo go hungry and if di society go hungry, di goment go enta trouble and we no wan enta trouble becos we already dey face enough problem, we don warn dem and sooner or later you go see result." Buhari tok.

Wetin else Buhari tok for di interview?

On di accusation of appointment lopsidedness, e say pipo no suppose get job sake of di region wey dem come from. E say pipo competence na im dem suppose look into and dat many of dem don pay dia dues and don serve for different location and many of dem don work for fifteen to eighteen years and many of dem don learn from the system.

Banditry in the northeast

We change di security heads and we hold serious meetings with dem

I first allow dem to go round and see di tins wey dey ground, dem make changes on officers and command, we tell dem say we want confidence to dey rebuild and we tell dem say we want make pipo go back to dia land so food problem no go dey.

We no dey make too much noise so di bad pipo no go know but pipo wey dey field know wetin dey go on.

Di important tin na di question of local security apparatus, we get police for every camp,

We dey treat bandits for di northwest as criminals now. dem Dey suffer a lot of casualties dem know am.

Dem no go wan tok am so as not to discourage dia recruits.

State policing

I tell di govnors to go back to di old system so dem go get intelligence locally, dem no go fit just win election and tink say pesin go do dia work for dem, I send dem go back.

Open grazing

Wetin I do na to ask dem to go dig out di gazette wey show cattle routes and grazing areas.

Dem need to go through dat. If you alLow your cattle to go through farms, dem go arrest your cattle and you go pay, Pipo dey behave demsefs den, so dat di herders dey limited, dia routes dey known if problem dey, e dey easy to know.

Na di rush to di centre dey cause di problem.

Benue govnor say I be one of dem, I no fit say I no be one of dem, but I tell dem say di Nigerian cattle rearer no dey carry more dan stick but dis ones dey carry AK47 , Fulanis from Mauritania and elsewhere look like Nigerians so pipo dey confuse dem.

We dey try to resuscitate di cattle routes and grazing areas to stop dis palava.

Buhari on Ipob

President Buhari say even though dem spread across everywhere, dem go organise the military and police to pursue dem.

On Niger relationship

How many neighbours we get?

We need to contribute to our neighbours, if we no get a good relationship with Niger, Chad and Cameroon for instance, Boko Haram for don deal with us worst.

On Twitter ban and wen dem go lift di ban, Buhari say, "Dat one I go keep to myself."

Wetin next after presidency?

Buhari say : "I never ever abandon my farm, wen I leave, I go go back and try to keep myself busy.

Before dem, I go try to convince Nigerians say I mean well for dem.

Visibly, we need progress in di northwest, southwest, southeast. Right now, northwest dey worry and dem go hear am hot-hot.

I hope Nigerians go dey fair to me.