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BBC Pidgin of Friday, 24 September 2021


COVID-19 vaccine: Tins you no fit do without Coronavirus vaccination card

Vaccination in Nigeria and across West Africa dey very limited as compared to other kontris Vaccination in Nigeria and across West Africa dey very limited as compared to other kontris

Wen COVID-19 pandemic first begin, leaders around di world assure dia pipo say Covid-19 "vaccine passport" no go dey compulsory.

But as di months dey come dey go and di world dey witness many waves of di pandemic plus different variants of di virus, Covid vaccine card fit don dey turn "passport."

E don begin dey clear say, e get plenty tins wey you no go fit to do if you no get Coid-19 vaccination card.

Dis na tins wey you no fit do if you no get Covid vaccination passport:

No vaccine, no full protection

Di purpose of di Covid-19 vaccine na to help protect you from catching different variants of di virus.

If you don already take one dose of di vaccine, you go get protection from di virus.

But you no go dey fully protected from di virus if you neva collect di full doses wey you suppose.

No vaccine, no sex

E shock you?!

Di pesin wey dey in charge of health policy for one South Africa Province don give women advice make dem no allow men have sex until dem collect Covid vaccine.

Nomakhosazana Meth, give dis advice mainly to women wey e neva marry becos e "go protect di both of you."

No vaccine, no visa

Some kontris for different parts of di world don update dia visa policy so dat before you enta dia kontri you must to get certified Covid card.

Beginning from October 1, United States Centre for Disease Control and Prevention want make every immigrant wey wan enta dia kontri show evidence say dem don collect di vaccination.

European Union also make available Covid-19 passport for im kontri pipo and travellers from specific kontris.

For Africa kontris like Ivory Coast no go allow you enta without vaccination card.

No vaccine, no work

Edo state for south south Nigeria don order im pipo make nobody show for any goment office witout im vaccination card.

Di goment dey implement dis order even though one federal high court for Port Harcourt, River state don bar di state from implementing di policy.

We still dey put eye for dis tori and go dey update am as kontris around di world dey review dia policies.