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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 8 June 2021


Jeff Bezos space trip: Amazon founder 'blue origin first human space flight' gist

Jeff Bezos, mutumin da ya ƙirƙiri kamfanin Amazon Jeff Bezos, mutumin da ya ƙirƙiri kamfanin Amazon

Jeff Bezos and im brother go follow fly from im rocket company first sightseeing trip go outer space.

Dis go be di first human flight wey di Amazon founder space company, Blue Origin go launch.

Di journey go happun on di July di 20th and go get one more pesin from whoeva win di auction wey dey currently go on ova di trip.

For Instagram post, Jeff Bezos tok say im bin wan go space all im life.

Oga also tok say, "On July 20th I go take dat journey with my brother. Di greatest adventure with my best friend."

Di bidding to be di third pesin inside di rocket ship wey dem call New Shepard don reach $2.8m and e go close on 12th of June.

How 'blue origin first human space fligh go happun?

According to Blue Origin Website, di company plan na to cari di New Shepard with im passengers go pass 100km ova di earth surface.

Dis go let dem feel microgravity (wey golet dem dey float for space).

Di six berth rocket ship go come enta back for earth with parachutes dem.

Tori be say di New Shepard booster go make di ship to land upright wen im come back from space.