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BBC Pidgin of Tuesday, 30 March 2021


Why "Buhari N1 to $1 campaign promise" no gree disappear afta all dis years

For 1973, di year dem introduce Nigeria present currency, di value of di US dollar no reach naira own but today di situation don reverse.

12 years later by 1985, di two currency don dey shoulder to shoulder, wit di same value. Na im be say if you want buy $1 you no go need pass N1.

As of today when we write dis tori, di same transaction go cost you well-well as na anything between N370 to N470 you go need give di seller, depending on wia you go for Nigeria.

For six years, one tok wey some pipo allege Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari tok about dis two currencies don dey come, dey go as e like.

Dem say Buhari tok for one political party rally for 2015 say when im become di kontri leader, e go make sure say di value of $1 equal that of N1.

Even though Buhari political party All Progressives Congress immediately deny say dia candidate tok anything like that, e no stop pipo - most times im political rivals - to use am accuse di goment of failure.

No video recording dey to stand as sure proof say Buhari ever tok anything like that for campaign rally.

Femi Adeshina wey be di Buhari special adviser on media and publicity hala for live television dis week say, all dat alleged tok by im oga "na fake… e no exist."

Why di ‘rumour’ never die downBuhari first rule

One of di reasons why dis allegation against Buhari no gree disappear after all dis years fit be say some pipo reason am say Buhari make dat 'promise' true true.

You see, di last time wey di naira and dollar stand shoulder-to-should na around 1985, di period when Buhari first rule di kontri as head of state. So some reason say im fit get am for mind to return di kontri to that 'golden age'.

Later dat year, dem overthrow Buhari inside military coup - di same coup wey im use enter power two years before.

High cost of tins

Secondly, every time di value of di naira go down e.g because di central bank of di kontri devalue am, e go cause dis topic to comot for media and e go dey pipo mouth. Some na to defend di president, while odas na to accuse am.

Low value of di naira mean say for kontri like Nigeria, wia many goods dia na through foreign importation, di cost of of tins go high well-well because importers need to find more naira to buy tins from abroad.

Political and social activist tins

Di last reason wey dis rumour dey always come back like goat wey dem pursue comot farm, na say political opponents of goment officials go always find anything to prove failure of dia rivals. Dis na normal tin.

Social groups too wey dey torchlight mata like economy fit use tins like dis rumour as strategy to make di goment ginger to do better.

How to make currency dey stronger

Sabi pipo say if any kontri wan make dia currency gada strength more and more, make then try dis tins:

•Make di central bank watch di interest rate well-well, make e no too high or too low. Although when dem raise interest rates, e dey attract investors and dis dey ginger value of currency

•Reduce inflation

•Pay all di goment igbese (money wey dem borrow)

•Di country must get goods and service wey oda kontris wan pay for

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