Music of Thursday, 19 July 2012

Source: Graphic showbiz

Highest Paid Musician Revealed

Finding out how much our musicians are worth has always been a no-go area as they never tell anyone – except when they feel cheated by a promoter. That is the only time they may disclose charges.

For weeks, Showbiz has been trying to find out from the musicians themselves how much they earn and the responses received so far have not been conclusive. So we went behind them and spoke with event organisers.

Even they, the event organisers, told Showbiz that the rates are not fixed and that a number of factors usually influence how much an artiste charges.

These factors include the popularity of the artiste and whether he has a new hot song out; whether the artiste is expected to perform with a live band or playback; and whether the promoter has a good working relationship with the artiste.

Other factors are the duration of time (number of songs) that the artiste is expected to perform; whether the event is big or small; and whether there are big-name foreign artistes involved.

Beyond all the factors, Showbiz has been able to put together the approximate charge by artistes considered the topmost 15 who currently enjoy a high presence on the Ghana showbiz scene today.

The artiste who takes the number one spot, according to our information, is Abrante3 Amakye Dede who charges nothing less than GH¢15.000.

After him comes a top belt of three artistes whose charges are in the region of GH¢12.000. These are Sarkodie, Samini and Becca.

Kwaw Kesse, VIP and 4×4 are in the GH¢10.000 whilst the others accept a modest sum of GH¢5,000 to perform. ***