Music of Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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Kontihene Explains New Single “Tafiri Wabatwe”

Musicians always wanting to hype their music make it sound so controversial to create attention as soon as it is released. Kontihene has been out of the music scene for quite a long time and has resurfaced with the release of a new song ‘Tafiri Wabatwe‘, which is currently enjoying massive air play across the length and breadth of the country.

The title of the song which sounds a little profane as described by entertainment panelist and critics and an issue everybody is talking about. There are so many jargons he could have used to get his point across so why “Tafiri Wabatwe”?

Kontihene explaining said he used that term because of impossibility. There is no way you can lick your elbow. The elbow which is even closer to you, you cannot lick it so how much more can you cause harm to the whole nation. If you are planning a fight ahead of this year’s election, then ‘Tafiri Wabatwe’, if you are able to do that then you can cause the havoc that you want, but if you are not able to, then your dream will not come to past.

When asked about recent headlines about him becoming a pastor of which fans were expecting him to release gospel music but not hip life, he said “Am a pastor because the bible says if you obey His commandments He will make you preachers.”

He said the type of songs he composes are not bad. Gospel music is not only about mentioning God’s name but the content of the music will prove it. The artiste’s behaviour, how he dresses and how he or she will make an impact on the society will prove whether he or she is a gospel musician or not.**