Music of Thursday, 31 May 2012

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Nino 'M'adamfo Pa' Video Hits The Screen

A few days ago, the hint of great things to expect from Nino, the newest and one of the sweetest voices in the industry in entertainment. well just to wet your appetite for the bigger things yet to shake the industry from this young dude, we bring you 'M'adamfo Pa' one of the music videos that is truly going viral.

Nino – M’adamfo Pa (Video + Lyrics)

Menam menam(menhyia bi da)

Oyonko pa b3n ni,ote mase aberebiara. oka nas3m ayia kyer3 me na otwer3 me din,wo na koma mu,

sere kyer3 me da nyinaa,sere kyer3 me da nyinaa.

Oyonko ne nea owo bia,ode b3 ma wo.nia wo su mmpo okyekyere wo wer3.

As3m to wo a,oka ma wo.oka wo ho abiribiara. nokware nokware me se mo s3 adamfo pa y3. Is not the one who may lead you into troubles and see you suffer when in need. 3y3 ampa,y3 ka yaa 3y3 nokware s3…

Friends are common but true friends are scarce,

s3 menim mpo a,ode sere3 kyer3kyer3 me. adamfo pa pa ni odo me menso me do no. y3 bo kosua(obi ntafere nya obi) y3 sen nua(y3 te y3nho ase) show me your friend i’ll your character… Nino has received several endorsements from guru in the industry from presenters to artist from varieties of music genres including personalities like Daddy Bosco,Paapa(Skillions), Morris D' Voice, Rashida (ETV Gh)and a host of other industry players and even critics.**