Music of Thursday, 31 May 2012

Source: peacefmonline

Trigmatic Shoots Two Music Videos

After a brief period of silence, a tactical shuffle in management, and the formation of a formidable structure around his brand, Trigmatic and his management have shot the videos for two of his new singles of the 3rd Album.

The first single, ‘Fatima’ is based on a true story and seems to have caught on like wild fire around the country and in other parts of Africa. Centered around the complications of a fan-celebrity relationship where there is the willingness of both the fan and celebrity to take the relationship to the next level but unfortunately both of them are engaged. A clever masterpiece, duly executed with masterful delivery.

‘Not Alone’ is a song for the soul, a resonance of deep heartfelt emotion and the piercing darts of experience that lingers in memory. The song is yet to be released.

The 2011 Ghana Music Awards Best Rapper, has over the years matured in terms of lyrical content and deliver. The lyrical handiness from ‘My Life’ to ‘Fatima’, an improvement clearly observable in his choice of words and pattern of arrangement. He is one of the MC’s in Africa that the continent and the world needs to look out for.

In a related development, the versatile Rap Star is also getting ready for a big ‘take over’. An African tour set to widen his scope is being put together. Unconfirmed reports states Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania to be the countries that are slated to enjoy his art and be blessed with his talent. Keep your ears on the streets for anything ‘Trigmatic’.**