Music of Friday, 29 January 2010

Source: Ameyaw Debrah

More twists to Kasiebo saga : Did Quata Lie?

There seems to be no end in sight to the controversy sparked by Obrafour’s hit comeback song, ‘Kasiebo’. After several studio replies from various artists, the new controversy is coming from a reply that was never released. A couple of weeks ago, Yaw Sakyi, the host of TV Africa’s ‘The Rundown’, announced that Quata was in the studio with Okyeame Kwame working on a reply for Obrafour. The management of Quata called Yaw on his personal phone while the show was airing to deny the rumour, and Yaw relayed the message to viewer before signing off.

However, it did not end there; Quata was in the studios of TV Africa the following week to talk about his side of the story on The Rundown. He opened a can of worms when he stated emphatically that the management of Obrafour, had called him previously to feature on another song to ‘diss’ Okyeame Kwame and other rappers from Kumasi. According to Quata, he refused doing any such recording and instead told Okyeame Kwame about the proposal from Obrafour’s camp.

This week, the manager for Obrafour was on The Rundown with Guru to refute the allegations put forward by Quata. Franklin, the manager said he received a call from Quata’s manager about a new concept that would take the argument from a radio station into the courtroom with Quata as the judge on the case. According to Franklin, Obrafour thought it was good idea but said he wouldn’t be onboard but Guru showed interest in the new song. He said Quata had already spoken to Yaa Pono and Dadie Opanka, who had agreed to be lawyers for the various parties.

Franklin added that there were persistent calls from Quata and his management who were chasing after the instrumentals from Kasiebo. According to him, he conditioned Quata that if the song was to happen, it shouldn’t serve as an avenue for Quata to ‘beef’ other artists such as Kwaw Kesse, that he had a grudge against.

Guru confirmed on the show that indeed Quata had called him to say he had a lot of issues to address through the proposed song. He added that he hasn’t regretted at all partaking in the Kasiebo track because it has opened the way for him into stardom. Franklin also said Obrafour has no regrets doing the song. He called Quata a liar and said he was hoping to meet Quata one-on-one on any platform to address the issues arising.