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Music of Thursday, 22 September 2022

Source: Bullhaus Entertainment

Vanilla is back with a bang titled 'La La'

Official artwork for the project Official artwork for the project

Young, gifted and versatile Ghanaian musician, Vanilla (Vanny sings) is out with a new song titled La La.

Music connoisseurs who have heard the preview have praised the young musician for a great composition and for going beyond himself to ensure he delivers a classic.

According to Vanilla, “I see myself as a walking/moving store of inspo; for immediate or later use. As I always say, my inspiration for music comes from things happening around and in my life. Sometimes it even transcends happenings/ stories per se; it could be complex stuff like colour, weather, emotion etc.

"Other times, it could be something as basic as a stammerer trying to pronounce a simple word like 'tablet'. This was actually the inspiration behind the song La La”.

He added, “I happen to be at this eatery where I was having some lunch. Not too long after, two beautiful women walk in and make their order. They take their seats close to mine. In addition, start having random conversations while they waited. I realized one of them stutters. Never had I seen one as beautiful as this one.

"Apparently, she ordered something different, something a bit ‘heavy’ according to her, which I later in their conversation realized was not what they both agreed to order on their way there. In her attempt to explain why she changed her mind, she goes; “I had to, these ta-ta-tablets (pills) I’m taking are very strong, as she stuttered. A bulb literally lit bright in my creative mind and viola!……I go die for your matter-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. ???? (with her beauty in mind)”.

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