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Music of Sunday, 10 January 2021


The sad story of how Fameye’s former manager Ogidi Brown ended up in a wheelchair

Ogidi Brown owns OGB Music play videoOgidi Brown owns OGB Music

Ogidi Brown’s burning desire to succeed in life landed him in Italy in 2012 when he was in his early 20s. His father had promised to take him there and the time was ripe considering that his father had been in the European country for a while and appears to have found his feet. With an unimpressive education background, Ogidi Brown had to struggle for close to two years before eventually getting employed.

“I became a fruit picker and hustled for a very long time. Later, I had an offer to work in a company,” he recalled but sorrowfully, that happy moment was truncated a few months after securing the job. “Four months after getting employed, I was involved in an accident.”

Ogidi Brown tells Delay in an interview granted in local dialect Twi that he, together with his colleagues, had left their individual homes to meet an Elder of the Church of Pentecost who was returning from the UK.

“I was in the company of two guys who had been sent on that mission. I wasn’t assigned to; I told them to give me a lift to the church because they’ll go through Modena to Bologna to pick the Elder. I like to dance. I danced in church. When we got to Modena, I checked the time and noticed it was too late to join the dancers so I told them I’ll go with them to the airport to meet the Elder and that was the beginning of my sad story,” he recounts.

“When we got there, the guy we met checked his time and said the Elder wasn’t in yet but that was untrue. He said the Elder would arrive in an hour. So when he gave that information, we decided to go to town because we couldn’t sit aloof for one hour.”

He continues: “So we drove off. I was seated at the back. When we got to Casa Franco, we had an accident. A lady who was on phone rammed our car. Her car was completely mangled.”

According to Ogidi Brown, he went into a coma afterward. He tells host Delay he regained consciousness only to realise he was at a hospital.

“I was told I had been in a coma for two weeks,” he says. “The driver of our vehicle, I gathered, was also in a bad condition. His legs were fractured. Later they gave him crutches. I believe he can now walk. The other person who sat on the front seat sustained no injury. The lady who rammed our car was amputated.”

While in a coma, Ogidi Brown says he once met a female relative who had died years ago. The said woman, he narrates, held his hand and introduced him to some persons.

“The people I saw there were once my schoolmates. I had not seen them for years and I don’t know whether they’re alive or not. She got to a place and jumped over a gutter; she told me to jump as well. I told her my leg hurts, I’m limping and cannot jump. I was surprised I was in Italy and has suddenly appeared in Ghana. I wanted a phone to call my father but none of them had airtime. At this point, I heard people mentioning my name and I became conscious,” he says.

Ogidi Brown mentions that he is happy about the improvement because he can now move his hands around and drive his customized car although he is unable to walk. He believes he will walk again because doctors once told him his right hand will be dysfunctional but the narrative has changed.

He mentions that he was given an insurance package and used a part of it to establish his record label, OGB Music. He then invested in Fameye and shot him to fame before the musician parted ways with him.

Watch the full interview below.