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Track & Field News of Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Do things properly or face the court - George Haldane-Lutterodt tells GAA.

Former president of the Ghana Athletics Association (GAA), George Haldane-Lutterodt, who will be contesting for the presidency for the second time has called on the GAA to do things properly ahead of the elections this year or face the court.

The GAA last week released a notice of the congress which is scheduled to come off at Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana on Saturday, December 15. The congress is then to be followed by an election on that same day.

This has led to some stakeholders complaining about the date for the elections. Notable among them is Mr George Haldane-Lutterodt, an aspirant who has warned the GAA to have a proper way of going about things or face the court.

According to the former president, the right thing to do is to hold the congress and decide a different date for the elections and not hold an elections on a congress day.

“ Let’s have the congress and set a date for the election. We will not accept a congress and an election on that same day. The last time a lot of shenanigans happened and i nearly walked out but out of pity for the people who were supporting me i decided to stay on. This time we want to make sure that things are done properly. That is all we are asking for any other thing below things been done properly they will face the court. But the court should be the last resort. We don’t take inunctions for petty issues. inunctions are very serious matters so we want them to do things properly or otherwise we will take an inunction against the GAA” - he said

“if they can’t organise elections properly then we will ask the court to organise it. The election should be a congressional issue. The venue, time and place should be decided by the congress not the secretary general” - he added

The 62-year old also asked the GAA to make privy to them the number of delegates and provide a favourable way of collecting and submitting forms for the election.

“ The GAA must develop a suitable way of collecting and submitting forms. How do you expect someone to come from the north, pick a form, go back and fill it and come back to accra and submit. They should have a proper way of doing this. Up till today they have not been able to tell us the delegates. Last four years we knew who the delegates were by now. This year we don’t know. Some are saying 32, some are also saying 33 and so on and so forth. They should have the congress and state the number of delegates. Those contesting are supposed to know this before they go in for the forms so the GAA should come out and state the number of delegates. “